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March 15, 2012
End Game (Post 3)
March 17, 2012

Work Smarter Not Harder

Lately Red Man and myself have been doing an new thing not too many talk
about. It is called using social media to your advantage in pickup and being
social. What this process is doing is creating a social circle of cool people
that want to hang out and do cool activities. You cut your work load in half.

On thing I had always heard is you want to work smarter not harder. With this
thought in mind. Red Man started up a meet up group and it’s gaining momentum
fast. On the third meet up we had 10 people there.

There seems to be a few things that are noticeable already.


1) You must have a cool location and something people can do as an activity.
He chose hookah. This is great because it has people trying new flavors and is a
great conversation piece. Plus the atmosphere is great so people feel more
relaxed and comfortable.


2) You want to make sure everyone has fun. The most important thing is to
make sure everyone is comfortable and feels welcome. If at any time some one is
left out or being quite you MUST bring them into the conversation. This is what
people are here to do… talk. The best thing for this is to push your own
comfort zone. I ended up dancing and doing a very bad rendition of a commercial
so people would laugh. This was to keep the conversations going.


3)Have another person that can carry a conversation in the group to keep
things going smoothly.  Any time I have been out in field it seems there are
always a few people that it’s like pulling teeth to get them to talk. With a
second person you can strategically place another person to talk and bring
people in. Last night Red Man was sitting at the head of the table. I started
off next to him talking back and forth. As the group grew I noticed that there
were people that were possibly going to get left out. So I placed my self at the
end of the other table. With voice projection me and Red Man are still able to
talk.  Yet at the same time I am able to carry a conversation with my small
group and Red Man is able to do the same with his group. That way no one is left


4)This is going to seem controversial for some but… Don’t hit on the girls
in your meet up group. Well at least at first because you want this to be a nice
friendly place. You are hitting soo many switches that soon that they won’t be
able to stay away from you. Get the base for your group first.


5)Get a female organizer (particularly a very attractive one). This way it
isn’t just a bunch of guys hanging out in a cockfest. Girls bring other girls so
it’s wise to not sleep with any of them for a while.


6)Finally invite everyone to come out again and thank the ones that have come
out to have a blast! You’re all friends so act like it. Give hugs say see you
next time I had a blast and it was awesome meeting you. Can’t wait to see you


(This message is approved by Red Man)