Escalation Challenge!
February 28, 2013
Don’t let people get the better of you. It is your mental state that decides your state and not other peoples.
June 11, 2013

Who, What, When, Where, Why, How ? (Part 1 of The Journey)

After meeting Speer I made a conscious effort to get better with women. From January-October I tried so hard to sleep with as many women as possible. Which led me to my current fuck buddy and girlfriend Andrea. We met at my friend Virtuoso’s house and our encounter was quite unexpected. The police came to the door and as I am standing against the wall, she grabs my hand and takes me to the closet. Nothing really went off in my mind until I actually start dating her. I find out she is a slut. She hooks up with every guy she speaks to and lies about everything. Without fear I jump into this relationship until I take my first boot camp with Speer.

During my first boot camp I realize what it takes to become better with women. On the first night I number closed. She was a model and I could see why; long blond hair, bright green eyes and 6’3 without heels. On the second day we did day game, which I failed miserably. The approach anxiety took over and my feet turned into stone and my heart beat like a boxer’s fist on a speed bag. I hear Speer come up behind me and say “There are beautiful women everywhere and you all walk past like they don’t exist…OPEN THEM!”. I do exactly as he says and continued to fail. At the end of the day we recap everything that happened over the weekend and Speer speaks to me alone an wants me to intern for him, I was really excited about this opportunity. My dream was to be a pick up artist since I was in high school, I even used to carry around a stack of papers with pick-up lines on them and recite them to girls in the halls (it didn’t work).

After the boot camp I was invincible, no guy could touch my game with women (in my mind) I was trained by the best which made me one of the best…or so I thought. A dramatic change in my life was occurring at the time, I influenced my best friend Sergio to go play college football in Texas. He has massive amount of talent but he is really lazy and his mom was moving out into another apartment. So I had to look for somewhere to live and what better place to live than Project Miami. I packed my bags and moved into PM. I also quit my job, not because I wanted to but because I dyed a streak in my hair and they didn’t allow it. The thing about life is, you can’t be afraid to tell people to bend over and FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF THEM! Otherwise they will bend your tight little ass over and FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU! Not once, not twice, but repeatedly until they can get their nut from you. I don’t like being fucked…BUT I LOVE TO FUCK! I will gladly do the fucking! . Everyone will try to fuck you, your boss, “friends”, and family members. So stand up and don’t let anyone say you can’t do something because it does not fit their rule book or guide lines. Jobs are like trains, miss one, in the next fifteen minutes there will be another one coming.

My first few nights in PM there was nothing much going on. No parties or anything of the sort. A week later Maven and I start going out and then I really see what my problems are. Escalating, touching, number closing and I just can’t get over those problems but I constantly work so they become less and less impactful . While I am out with Maven, Speer is doing Speer stuff. I don’t know what the fuck he does, I don’t know how he does it but he gets laid consistently, this nigga is like Steve Nash on the free throw line when it comes to women. He is consistent. On a Tuesday night I go out with Speer for the first time and I act as his chauffeur for the night. We pick up the most amazing Asian porn star I have ever seen and drive off to the grove. I drop them off at improv and ride solo into the grove; targets were limited which makes sense after all it was Tuesday, but still new to the art form I had self-limiting beliefs. After an hour of me not speaking to anyone I get a text from Speer saying, “We are going back to the house, come pick us up – Speer =——-D>” and I notice how gay his tag was… it looks like a dick but it could be a spear, does it make me gay for thinking it’s a dick first…..I mean come on THAT’S A DICK! . I pick them up and not even 5 min into the drive I start to hear slurping sounds in the back seat. I do something that no man should ever do while they or some one else in the car is getting road head and that’s DRIVE FASTER. I have never gotten road head, I don’t really get blow jobs in general, I’m too ticklish. So at the time I was the worst person to drive that car. I didn’t calculate stopping or speeding up…. That bitch almost bit his dick off according to him. After I kinda safely got them back home, I had a lot of thinking to do not on my driving but more on my approach.

That Friday night I go out with Maven to Hyde beach, its his first time actually at Hyde beach and we are having a blast. I am still a newbie when it comes to approach but of course when I turn to my left I see Maven instantly attract a woman to speak with him. It was like magic, the way her eyes lit up and glittered. I spent the rest of the night trying to replicate the same effect but I failed. So Maven tells me that she is going to take him back to her place and he says to keep his phone on me so he could call me to pick him up. At the time I didn’t have a phone so it made things a little difficult. Things got more difficult when I went home, put mavens phone to charge in his room and fell asleep in my room.