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January 12, 2012
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January 14, 2012

When you Roll in Shit You Hump the Hotties!

A lot of guys have this habit that, when they become uncomfortable, they feel that’s justification enough to just stop whatever they’re doing.

For instance, they go to a bar for the first time in years, and they feel uncomfortable and out of place. So they decide that, “Bars just aren’t for me right now”, and they stop going all together.

Or they decide to start a business, and the first moment they get bored or it feels hard, they give up.

Or they want to write a book, until they meet resistance from writer’s block. It feels uncomfortable, and they just let it drop.

But having some fleeting negative feelings is NOT a good reason to give up on something big.

Do you think that’s an attractive trait to women?

Imagine if it were caveman days ten thousand years ago, and you’re a young caveman trying to prove yourself to be sex-worthy to the other women in the tribe.

Argh, me so sexy to the ladies!

It’s cold in Ice Age Europe, and you’ve got to go out and HUNT some wild game.

So you step outside and it’s fucking COLD.


This is going to be a fucking CHALLENGE.

So instead, you turn tail. You go back into your cave at the first hint of discomfort.

You’re quick to give up to protect your “feelings”.

Instead, the rest of the cavemen go out without you to brave the elements and bring back meat to the women.

That’s how it’s done, caveman style.

You might FEEL comfortable this way, but you’re not going to get LAID this way.

What makes a MAN is that he *PERSISTS* in the face of physical and emotional discomfort.

He’s on a MISSION and NOTHING will stop him, not even his own fears and foibles!

He might not succeed, but he never stops and nothing holds him back.

Bars and clubs feel *uncomfortable*???

If that’s your excuse for not following through, you’ll never accomplish anything BIG… like have a smokin’ hottie on your arm.

Smokin’ hottie getting busy.

Because everything worth getting WILL feel uncomfortable at times accomplishing it. That means boring and uncomfortable, with fear, uncertainty, and all the rest.

But following through in the face of a hurricane of SHIT is called being a MAN.

You can’t argue with the raw maniless of the Bear-Man

Because women want a guy who will stop at NOTHING to get what he wants.

Women want a man who doesn’t give up.

Women want a man who persists in the face of bad feelings and in the face of total shit.

That’s the kind of man that can provide her with strong children and spread her genes, even when the going gets tough.

Your Feelings Are Being Coddled and Pussyfied
Part of the problem is that we men are conditioned by modern conveniences for easy pleasures.

I used to program video games back in the day, so I know the deal.

That’s me, before Seduction Science. On the right.

It’s called, “Easy payoff with zero risk.”

Turn on Call of Duty and you get the thrill of warfare victory and a sense of accomplishment with ZERO of the risk and ZERO of the discomfort… except maybe a sleepy leg.

You can press a button on the remote and instantly get good feelings and laughs watching Comedy Central or being entertained by television dramas.

Or fuzz out on the sofa watching silly videos on the Internet. Again, zero effort.

We’re coddled by modern technology to have easy payoffs and easy feelings.

So when we meet anything that’s REAL and a fucking, hard-ass CHALLENGE – like starting our own business, writing our dream novel, or blowing up the bars and clubs approaching women – we GIVE UP at the slightest discomfort and resistance!

That’s why 90% of the Maxim readers out there are just looking for a “magic bullet” pickup line.

They want an easy “trick” that they can learn in 5 minutes that will magically make a woman spread her legs.

This magic-pill body deoderant will take you to “Paladin Level” with horny girls!!

It’s the same reason so many people buy “abdominal blasters” and diet detox shakes instead of just eating a sensible diet rich in vegetables and hitting up the gym three times a week. They’re conditioned to seek easy feelings and magic bullets.

But to grow into a MAN, you have to let go of this idea that a feeling of discomfort is enough reason to stop something big and worthwhile.

Because it’s not. Anything worth fighting for WILL make you feel a massive level of discomfort at first.

Hmmmm… yeah, it’s worth fighting for.

But you’ve got to blast through that wall, dedicate yourself to the long-haul, have dogged persistence, be consistent, and never give up!

And particularly never give up over “your feelings”.

Bad feelings will come and go. You’ll have highs, and you’ll have lows.

But your mantra needs to be consistency, persistence, and dedication in the face of all adversity and resistance.

So are you going out and meeting women, despite internal resistance that you might feel?

Are you exercising and hitting the gym to stay fit healthy?

Yes, it’s fucking tough.

Yes, it’s a bitch.

And yes, it feels uncomfortable at first.

But that’s life man. And that’s what brings success and reaps the REAL rewards in life – persistence in the face of those feelings and adversity.

So step up, follow through, be persistent, and NEVER fucking give up!!

~ Jesse