Pinky’s ORB!!!
September 22, 2012
Pinky’s Selfish Trip to S.F. continued… (Post 2 of 100+)
October 2, 2012

I’m going to fast forward and tell you all my personal experience at Project Hollywood. The full truth on what I really think about everything is going to be revealed now since the whole community is dying to know what happened. I’m going to tell you all about a two faced pink haired rooster that only cares about himself and has no consideration for people other than himself. Seduction guru? Yeah far from it seeing as how Pinky is one of the most insecure people I’ve ever met in my life. I’m the type of person that looks for the good in everybody and it’s hard to make an enemy out of me unless you disrespect me first. You burn me and I’ll bury you.

It was a warm sunny day at Project Hollywood and Pinky was a day away from launching his program. I thought it was really messed up how we had a lot of clients that had been waiting on this program for almost a year now. They were bugging Maven and myself about it for a while but I had to keep telling them it’s almost done when I really didn’t know if it would ever get done. To be successful in anything you do in life I go by business before pleasure when Pinky goes the opposite. He called us to a five minute meeting when all that ever did was annoy me since a five minute meeting always turned into at least forty minutes. I thought to myself, “Here we go again with the peanut gallery.” Pinky would end up just rambling and after a while lose all of our attention since it was a lot of uneccessary bs.

Pinky started telling us all about how the program was gonna be really great and I really was happy for him. I thought well it only took you a lifetime to get it done when you told everyone it was going to be done last November. Here we are almost a year later and I’m still shaking my head. I really thought to myself soo many times what on Earth is this guy on because of his bizarre actions and thoughts. Always wondered how a 44 year old man has as much energy as he does but that’s what happens when you drink Rock Star Energy Drinks all day long and are on drugs too like cocaine or speed.

Out of no where when we’re all having our meeting talking about the launch of the program Speer walks outside with Baa and was really upset. He kept telling Pinky Baa is done and out of the house. Pinky looked like he was about to cry and Speer told him he wasn’t going to have a disrespectful little punk in his house. I was shocked and had no idea what was going on. The meeting was immediately over and we all walked into the office. Pinky and Speer were really going at it.

I watched from the office and ran outside about to break both of them up from physically harming each other since I didn’t want either of them to get hurt. I was really confused here but just wanted to do the right thing. Pinky yelled and swore at Speer saying, “How dare you cock block me a day before the release of my program!” Pinky was really swearing and trying to get Speer upset when Speer got in his face yelling, ” No fuck you Pinky! Fuck you! You got something to say to me I’ll beat the fuck out of you. Don’t you dare step to me!” I was right next to the both of them about to jump in to prevent them both from hurting each other. Speer stormed off and Pinky stormed off to his room.

I had never seen Speer in the four years I’ve known him that angry at anybody. I think he finally lost his cool at the fact he had a moron for a business partner. I remember getting into several fights with Pinky from the first day I moved in which I’ll tell you all about in detail with my next blog post. I remember telling Hydro and Maven one day that I literally wanted to put rat poison in his weird drinks Ace used to make for him that’s how much I couldn’t stand him at one point. We all used to make jokes about it in private actually. Hydro and I would joke around like goof balls every day clowning it up since it was the only thing keeping us sane in the house. Again that’s coming later since this is only the beginning. I’m still shocked that I would ever say that but that’s how bad it got for all of us at one point. I really don’t blame any of the guys for quitting and I’m still good friends with them all to this day except for Hush who left and never came back. Left all his clothes and everything at the house which I still find strange to this day.

Next thing I remember is Pinky falling down yelling I’m having a panic attack. I worked as a Public Safety Officer at the Hospital of Central Connecticut for five years and have seen it all. I know a panic attack when I see one and this was far from it. A patient doesn’t yell he’s having a panic attack then fall to the ground they’ll just do it. Pinky was shaking on the ground really bad while all Maven and I did was try to help him. I felt really bad for him at this point and didn’t want to see him suffer so I tried to help him while he yelled at Maven and myself telling us not to touch him. He told us to grab him a ball to hold onto since Ross Jeffries used to tell him it would help to center himself when freaking out or whatever. Pinky yelled to Baa telling him to grab things. He was shaking bad but I was shaking my head and almost laughed because I knew it wasn’t real and all bs. A 44 year old defeated man crying out for attention. I’ve seen several real panic attacks at the hospital and this wasn’t it. It was a clown show and I kept thinking at how ridiculous he was being. Baa, Maven, and myself calmed Pinky down. We helped him back downstairs.

Speer was in the office chain smoking cigarettes. Baa basically spoke with all of us telling us good bye in the office. Speer went back and forth with Pinky about the program telling him Ink would help him finish it but Pinky had to have Baa. Honestly I thought it was weird and no matter what he was fighting with Speer on the subject. Pinky was on his knees begging Speer and Speer was not changing his mind no matter what. Baa had to go. Out of no where Pinky looked at the Cosmopolitan magazine article that had Speer, AFC Adam Lyons, Mehow, and Hypnotica in it. Pinky yelled at Speer saying, “It was supposed to be me in this article and not you but you had to steal it from me when I’m the one who got it! You’re jealous of me! Speer looked over at Maven then back at Pinky saying, “This was when I got the standing ovation at the end proposing to my girl. Listen you pink haired fag they wanted me not you!” I knew right there on the spot Pinky was just straight up hating since that comment he made came from left field and had absolutely nothing to do with the conversation at that point. Pinky stormed up to his room like a little kid throwing a temper tantrum which he did often at Project Hollywood. I mean what a character and it made me laugh at how stupid he was acting most of the time.

Pinky kept yelling at Speer saying, “How dare you cock block me!” I thought this was really strange since the program had nothing to do with sex. I thought maybe he might be butt fucking Baa since one day I went up to the room and Pinky was locked in his small bathroom with him. I thought that was really strange for two grown men being locked in a small bathroom together.

We all looked at each other in the office with a look on our face of what the f@($! Pinky also had given us an ultimatum that we better take his side or else. Then he started talking shit to all of us but we’ll wait for my future posts where I have all the text messages he sent to me word for word so you can all see how deranged and bizarre he really is. With all the stress going down we all needed to get out of the house. My next post will be about the first day I moved into Project Hollywood. We all left with Speer to go play volleyball but little did I know this was only the beginning of war…..