The Contract Part II — End Game (Post 45)
July 25, 2012
The Contract Part III — End Game (Post 46)
July 29, 2012

I look at the last year of my life and realized a lot of things. Not everyone is going to support your journey into going for what you really want in life. Even your family and best friends may get jealous or turn on you. I’ve had more of my so called best friends turn on me in the past year than I can count. This has been a true tough ride the past year but the rewards outweigh the losses tremendously. I think were the losses I’ve taken this year really losses or not? I look at it as I’ve gotten rid of the weight holding me back.

Years ago I made a pact to myself that I was going to master the art of seduction no matter what it takes. There have been ups and downs but I can say that once you really focus on something you can do anything. I haven’t let my friends, family, or anything in that matter stop me. I’ve come further than I’ve ever dreamed and that’s why you have to live your own life for you. Don’t live your life for someone else.

Do whatever it takes to get to wherever it is you want to be and let nothing I mean nothing get in your way. Whether people like it or not go after what you want. You’ll achieve so much in life if you go for what you want by taking the steps for yourself! This goes with getting girls and anything.

The more effort you put into something is the more you’ll get out of something in the end. Hope this helps all of you who are reading.