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April 25, 2012
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April 26, 2012

IOI Stands for Indication of Interest

-She will try to end silence. “So,…”
She initiates contact
Asks about name/age/ethnicity/fragrance/clothing
Asks if you are leaving. Exp. When you put something away. Like gloves
Plays with her hair while making eye contact
You sense jealousy when talking about another female
She Kino’s. touching is always good
She makes eye contact and then smiles
She moves closer to you (also her group) and she smiles.
Watches you on the dance floor
Body language. Exp. She moves her body to face you
Jocking accessories and putting them on her self
Leans in while talking to you
Looks at you when u look away. And looks away when you catch her
If she compliments, flirtatious sarcasm, asking to repeat yourself…
She puts her hand on your leg
Licks her lips while talking to you
Puppy eyes
When she doesn’t flinch if you get a drink or ashtray across from her
She graves your crotch or ass
When you see any two IOI‘s, isolate her
“I‘m gonna steal your friend for a sec.”
“Come with me”
“Let me show you something”
Then soften voice and whisper “I want to get to know you better”