A couple options for boyfriend destroying
June 22, 2012
Vince Kelvin FREE Daily Q&A 3 of 120
June 24, 2012

Vince Kelvin FREE Daily Q&A 2 of 120. He will be doing it straight for 120 days countdown to the Vince Kelvin’s 2012 PUA SUMMIT. Have questions of your own and would like them to be answered? Ask them for free at http://www.ProjectHollywood.cc then click on Instructor Q&A. It is FREE!!!

On this episode, Here were the Questions:

1.What do I do after a kiss close? Do I be the romantic heroe after the kiss close?

2.How do you handle relationships?
Do you add them on Facebook, msn, skype etc?
Every set I have done, I have added them on facebook. I think they are getting a negitive image from me. How do you deal with those situations?

3.What is the best way to deal with flakes?

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