Venusian Arts Vegas bootcamp Part I — End Game (Post 30)
May 25, 2012
Returning from Vegas — End Game (Post 32)
May 30, 2012

I really wanted to prove myself that weekend, to the students, to Mystery and Lovedrop, and especially myself. And I ended up killing it that night. I got about 15 numbers and three makeouts. Actually, I used J-Dog’s feather boa to pull a girl into me for one of my makeouts. It was just one of those nights where everything goes your way and you feel unstoppable. If you haven’t had one of those nights, you will. I could tell our students were impressed, and Mystery and Lovedrop told me what an awesome job I did. Also, it was not only my first bootcamp as an instructor, but it was the first bootcamp I had ever been to. It opened my eyes to what’s possible, and the fact that I could really change the lives of my students.

That night, as we walked back to the hotel, I stopped at a blackjack table. Lovedrop was really tired, but I told him I would only be a few minutes. I ended up tripling my money in no more than four minutes.

The students were much more receptive to me the next day. After all, they saw me out-game every other instructor who was there, including Mystery.

Lovedrop and I headed back to the hotel after the in field portion that night. We weren’t able to pull, but I got some numbers and makeouts. Enough to establish a few Vegas girlfriends. If you ask me, having sex the same night you meet a girl is probably the worst thing you can do, because her buyer’s remorse will most likely be high. When you make out with a girl for an extended period of time in field, that’s called “flash game.” Believe it or not, those sets will usually hurt your chance to pull or see the girl again, but it’s what we needed to do to get the students to really believe in our abilities. Later that night, once again, Lovedrop and I thought about calling a couple hookers, but, again, I chickened out.

Instead we stopped so I could play blackjack, and again, I tripled my money in a few minutes. LD started raving about how good I was and he asked if I could use his money and play for him. He thought I had some kind of foolproof system. The truth was, I was just having a lucky streak. I ended up taking my winnings and buying a Hugo Boss leather jacket from the Caesar’s Palace mall. It took me three days to decide whether to buy it or not; I walked by the leather store and saw the jacket everyday on display in the window. Then once I won enough money to pay the $3,000 for the jacket and still have some leftover I went for it.

On Sunday night, the last night of the bootcamp, we went to the Hard Rock Casino. I knew I had to make sure my students got good results. Mystery, Matador, Lovedrop and I each took three students, and J-Dog kind of floated around to each of our groups. I ended up drilling my students so hard that two of them left. The only one who stuck with me was a guy named Allan. He ended up opening around 30 to 40 sets. It was a life-altering night for him.

By the end of the bootcamp, I thought I could feel a little jealousy from Lovedrop. Going out with him regularly over the past year, I noticed that the better results I got, the higher his guard went up around me. I think I made him feel a little insecure because he was a partner in VA, and supposed to be this amazing pickup artist in the community, but he really wasn’t. Lovedrop never really got good results in field. His strength was that he can be a likeable guy in any social scenario. He’s also very good at befriending and building a strong rapport with guys. But with women, he wasn’t as competent. It’s two different things, having the knowledge to teach versus going out and actually implementing it. This is why you have professors who want careers in acting, never made it, and started teaching it instead. That was Lovedrop. He knew Mystery Method inside out, but when it came to applying it in field, he was weak. He was a good instructor, I’ll give him that.

A few other students were complaining that Mystery kept disappearing on them. Mystery just lives in his own little world most of the time.

Right before we were preparing to leave, I found out the producers for The Pickup Artist were officially choosing J-Dog to accompany Mystery and Matador as instructors on the show. I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal to me, but I really hate losing, so I couldn’t help being a little pissed off on the flight back to Miami. I also couldn’t help feeling that Matador and Lovedrop intentionally stacked the odds against me. I was getting the best results in field out of everyone in Project Miami, and I think they felt threatened I would outshine them if I was on the show. They didn’t want to give me the exposure. Lovedrop didn’t have the look for T.V., so he was never in consideration.

I pretty much felt like no matter how well I did, Matador and Lovedrop were going to try to keep me beneath them. They wanted to preserve their statuses in the company, and the community. When I got back into Miami and back into my girls’ arms, I relaxed and truly felt like I was the best in the world, or at least well on my way.

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