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January 26, 2012
The Pussy Gets Stale After a While!
January 27, 2012

Vegas Strippers

This past weekend we went to Vegas for the initiation. I went for the weekend and saw everyone change in just a few days. It was amazing to see. During my time there I was teaching so not much time to game. The one night I got to game was when we went to the strip club. I had don’t a little stripper game through the time in the community. I am proud to say that I have never spent any money on a exotic dancer while in the game… Before the game that’s a different story.
When we walked in I saw a small Asian that was just happen to be walking by. I open her and she starts trying to pull me toward a private room. My mind went straight to the leader, who is it me or her?  I ended up pulling her back to me sat down and put her on my lap. She was surprised to say the least. What this did is break her frame that she is the one leading the interaction. Since she is so tiny (also her name at the club) she followed easily. With in a few minutes she is giving  me a lap dance for free. As well as she being creative on how she was going to give me her number. I found out that she couldn’t give it out with her manager around. I let it drop and she waited for a moment when he was blocked so she could write her number on a napkin for me. After talking to her for a while about her past and teasing back and forth she said she was to comfortable and had to go back to work. I think i won that one since she was talking me if i don’t stop she is going to jump me right there.

I stand up start talking to another girl and repeated she. Was nice he waited for a sandwich and was more open to talking since she wasn’t in a work mode. Easy number close while on my lap. Seems to be starting good tonight.

Third girl was from Midwest and was new she was harder to break the frame of working. i noticed that while she was asking if i wanted a lap dance she was always looking away. Might of been due to her being new an on my lap. So I broke her frame by teaching her. I was started teaching her how to look in the eye create comfort and get the person asking about her getting them invested. Pretty much I started teaching her how to pickup guys. It was quite funny teaching a stripper how to get more money. She gave her number easily.

I approach another and she went straight into money and for lap dance yes or no for lap dance. When she realized i wasn’t going for it right away she walked away. I take that as she didn’t have a personality anyways.

One of the main things you want to do is never become a customer in there eyes. They just seeing you as money. Not where you want to be.

I approach another girl and she opens easy. She started bragging about being in playboy right away. Since she was so happy about that i went into the secret and how like attracts like. I move her instantly. Got her number and had to leave. Gotta take care of the students. I love when i get a chance to demo like that.

Great night in Vegas,

I could of pushed the interactions with and get the girls out of the club or meet up.

Got the results and numbers form strippers. Been a while. I need to do it more often.