Going Through Rejections and Pain Makes You Excellent with Women
March 24, 2012
End Game (Post 7)
March 26, 2012

Implied Time Constraints also know as False Time Constraint in the community…
Real Quick/ Quickly
At Least
One Last Thing
Before …I go. Before …we get into that.
For 1:37 seconds
I have to go in a sec…
I know you are busy/I know you have to get back to (what she is doing)

If you watch all Vince Kelvin’s videos on YouTube, you will notice more and more that he used tons of time constrains. Not only at the beginning or the end, time constraints work during the interaction as well. When you feel like the interaction is dying or when she is about to give you a, “I have to go,” you throw in a time constraint before she does! “I know you are busy/ I know you have to get back to (what she is doing”
“…FOR JUST for a 1:27 seconds…”
“I can ONLY stay a second but…”
“Let’s make it QUICK”
“We should AT LEAST sit down for a minute and twelve seconds”
“We should hand out for A LITTLE Bit”
“I have to go back to…”