Trip to San Diego Part I — End Game (Post 40)
July 7, 2012
My Path Mindset
July 13, 2012
Since I had been up for seven days, I ended up getting really sick, to the point where I had a 105.3 degree fever with swollen tonsils. Needless to say, I ended up in the hospital.

Sunny had flown back to Miami because of her job, or I wouldn’t have felt as alone as I did before I was discharged after two days. The fucked up thing is, no one came to see me at the hospital — not Mystery, Matador or Lovedrop. In fact, one of Mike Long’s employees David was the one who dropped me off and picked me up from the hospital. I ended up needing some steroids and anti-inflammatory medication, which caused me some difficulty breathing. I couldn’t speak by the time I’d gotten back to Frank Kearn’s house because my throat was sore.

I’m pretty sure that Matador and Lovedrop wanted me out of Frank’s house because they were afraid I would win him over and we would start doing our own thing. Matador took me out one night and I’m positive it was because they were trying to keep me occupied.

I couldn’t talk so I approached all my sets with kiss opens and hand signals. Roughly one out of every three kiss opens were successful, the rest I got blown out hard. I did end up with a couple of numbers. When you have a true connection with someone, it doesn’t really matter whether words are spoken. Thirty-eight percent of face to face communication is tonality and 55 percent is body language. Words are only seven percent, by far the least important aspect. I could definitely see Matador getting pissed because I was getting results than he was when I couldn’t even talk.

I hate going out with guys who get threatened by you and start acting like little kids. They end up dragging you down to the same mindset. I’ve always believed it’s important to learn loyalty above all else. And Matador and the rest of those guys just confirmed, in my opinion, that they didn’t give a fuck about me. I could’ve died for all they cared. That incident was another fracture in my relationship with VA. I started to see the writing on the wall — I wasn’t going to make partner or have any stake in the company. And above all, it showed me they weren’t really my friends. It was a sad realization for me.

Shortly after getting back to the hospital, I decided to go back to Miami, where I had booked a one on one for myself with a student. But before I left, I could tell Mike Long seemed really appreciative that I showed up to help them out with the project, and he told me something that still resonates with me today: “Before you got here, there were no girls except Mystery’s girls. After you got here, there were a bunch of girls.”

I am, after all, six-time winner of Best PUA Lifestyle for a reason.

I completed the one-on-one with a student from Cuba, whose family had some money. I charged $2,500 for that session, but of course I never saw any money from it. It went straight to VA’s bank account with an empty promise that I would get paid eventually. I did, however, get a great testimonial out of the guy. In fact, if you watch the video of me and Mystery on my Youtube, the testimonial that runs throughout the video was from this one-on-one.

After that, I did what I always do when I arrive in a new city or return home after traveling: text my girls. And I was alone in the house with all the guys. I decided not to tell Sunny I was back yet, I wanted a few more days of running around and having sex.