The Night I Learned the Most….My Biggest Turning Point in The Game. FR: Persistence Pays Off….Waxy’s in Miami 10/28/11
July 1, 2012
Trip to San Diego Part II — End Game (Post 41)
July 12, 2012

About a year into Project Miami, VA wasn’t making enough money. Matador got into this mortgage scheme, without getting into too much detail, with this guy that hooked him up with a couple properties. He knew that this guy was a charlatan and was aware what he was getting into. Back in 2006-2007 there was a major real estate boom where prices of houses were going up insane amounts. You could buy a house for $100,000 and sell it for a profit of around $40,000 within a few months. A lot of housing schemes resulted from this type of real estate market. I had a house for almost eight months and then sold it, not because I had a brilliant mind for real estate and anticipated the market trends, but because I needed the money after being involved in some business projects that failed. I made $70,000 selling my house,  and it was quite a nice sum of money for me at the time. At one point, I expanded my stores at a rate that was insane, increasing to one new store a month. I thought I could duplicate the success, but it’s hard to run a store by remote control.

But you know, I was born for business, for connections and winning over the right people. I could pretty much win anyone over who is influential. I’m just a good host, good conversationalist and good enough to get the big fish on the hook. Some of the tactics I use you can learn on our upcoming DVD program Get LEI’D: Game Decoded. The power to win people over is what drives me and gets me opportunities that no one thinks they can get.

As far as my house goes, however, I just happened to sell it at the right time. Had I waited any longer to sell, I probably would have lost money.

Matador, on the other hand, bought Project Miami after the bubble burst. The mortgage was $14,000 per month, and I made just enough sales to barely cover the expenses. Plus they were all pretty stupid. Any money they did have, they spent on super nice furniture and cars. Matador bought his SL500 with money from this scheme, for instance. The rest of the money went into other stupid shit. Most people who come into a lot of money for the first time don’t know what to do with it, so they spend it recklessly.

Because VA was crunched for money, they made a deal with Mike Long, a well known marketer. He was originally a Magic the Gathering card player who was caught cheating a few times in the World Championship. He made a product about how to put decks together and worked with other renowned marketers like Frank Kearn and others. He launched a few things that were extremely successful, including Neil Strauss’s Annihilation Method, which also happens to be the name of his launching method. Mystery, Matador and Lovedrop were doing business with Mike since they didn’t have any products except the Mystery Method, which has been owned by Savoy ever since his split with Mystery. Even though Lovedrop wrote the book.

So Mystery and Lovedrop headed to San Diego. This was a few months before shooting for the first season of the Pickup Artist was scheduled to begin, while the deal was still being finalized.

Around that same time, we also had Lovesystems’ mailing list. Not sure how VA got ahold of it, but they weren’t supposed to have it, let alone use it, since Mystery didn’t have legal rights to it after the lawsuit against Savoy. But Lovedrop and Matador had been asking me if they could use it without being traced. Anyone who has done internet marketing knows you can do offshore mailing with IP scramblers and that would be would be nearly impossible to trace. So that conversation was going on in the background as the guys left for San Diego without me to work on The Mind of Mystery with Mike Long. I really wanted to go along, especially since I had a background in producing, so I thought I would be able to help. My name was also growing in the pickup community, so I thought it would be a great opportunity for additional exposure. I had been wondering for a while if they would ever make me a partner. The fact that they wanted to exclude me from this product only perpetuated those thoughts.

Hanging around the house pretty much by myself, since Matador was out a lot, became kind of empty after a while. I finally decided to fly myself to San Diego. So I took Sunny (from the pool hall, if you remember from an earlier End Game post), since it was the first time I was going to California and I didn’t want to be by myself.

I had never met Mike, but he heard a lot of good things about my game and my lifestyle from Mystery, Matador and Lovedrop. In fact, a lot of what they did in The Mind of Mystery was based on my tactics. I ended up staying at Mike’s house with Sunny when I got there. Mike had a beautiful mansion and girlfriend at the time. He told me that I could be featured in a daygame segment of the product, since everybody knows Mystery doesn’t do daygame.

One of Mehow’s guys borrowed his equipment and was using it to shoot and that’s what we shot with. I met Frank Kearn to talk to him, and that’s when I think the guys got scared that I would win him over and do my own thing. I was always wary that Matador and Lovedrop, in particular, were paranoid about me trying to upstage them in one way or another. It’s funny, I’ve noticed that people who backstab a lot are constantly worried about people backstabbing them. Kind of like girls who get jealous easily. It’s usually because she’s cheated before and she doesn’t want it to happen to her.

I really started putting my soul into this project. I was awake for seven days, under the influence, to help as much as I could since I thought the guys would take notice and make me a partner. I knew my only chance was to put 100 percent of my soul into the company. When you divide your efforts, it will result in failure. That’s why I turned the day-to-day operations of my computer stores over to Brady. This trip to San Diego ended up serving as another indicator that I was working for a bunch of snakes in the grass.