The ULTIMATE 1 ENTIRE YEAR Trainer’s Training and V.I.P. Mentoring Program!

Experience the World’s Most Exclusive and Intensive
Total Transformation, and Revolutionize Your Entire Life!

Work With Speer Directly!

Making extraordinary progress is absolutely possible, BUT…Often times, it takes some time! That is why we’ve decided to provide the daring few who want more than “good results”…The elite ones that are ready to witness the unfolding of their full evolution…Those who may feel a calling to become a coach and teach themselves, as well as those who simply want the best and don’t like to waist time…If you feel that you are part of those who want to rise above the pack, and truly propel your entire life and skyrocket not only your social, sexual and love success, but all aspects of your life, then this is probably for you! But I must warn you, this ain’t you’re average eduction, and by the way, before you go assume that such program would probably cost a fortune, you’re about to be very surprised, especially when you find out that you can STUDY A WHOLE YEAR with me, get my entire library, attend EVERY SINGLE EVENT, for less than other pickup companies would charge for a one weekend bootcamp, but enough said, I am sure that what they teach is helpful too, meanwhile…

One last thing, before you read about all the details of what your ENTIRE YEAR EXTREME EDUCATION will include, please understand that the availability of this EXCLUSIVE opportunity is highly limited, so please, please, please, don’t get overly excited as we may currently be full and you may have to be on a waiting list.

Interview required to qualify for program.

Option 1: Trainer’s Training Yearly Program

Entire library, all of the events listed below, PLUS the entire Trainer’s Training manual and DVD collection (available only with 1 year program), and 12 Bonus Monthly Trainers coaching classes!

For anyone aspiring to be a pickup and/or success coach. Includes the learning of deep psychological, spiritual and practical technologies to help you master the art of assisting others. The greatest benefit in learning how to help others, is that you have to so step up to the plate, you automatically get where you had been wanting to be at with your game!

Option 2: V.I.P. Yearly Program

Entire library, all of the events listed below, PLUS access to V.I.P. Vault, and a bi-monthly year long private session with Speer (phone or in person).

For anyone who’s ready to experience the complete manhood and lifestyle make-over. Guaranteed total transformation beyond your greatest expectations! The greatest benefit of repeated exposure and massive repetition is that you tap into the true key to the success with women you want. Most don’t realize that the only true issue is simple; most men don’t stick with it long enough and don’t experience enough frequency! Not to mention their lack or high quality resources.

Normally $3999, Only $2499 if paid in full, or $2999 in 6 payments ($100 processing fee)

Contact us to find out if you can qualify for the Trainers in Training Program!