Want To SOLVE Your Sticking Points With Women FOREVER?

Are you too busy to schedule a one on one or make it to a boot camp?

The next best thing to live training is personal phone coaching from any one of our instructors. Get personalized training, coaching, and instruction right over the phone or Skype anytime you need it. The Kings of Pickup instructors work around your schedule so that you never have to miss a session. This way you’ll get the fastest results possible!

Here is how it works…

Just tell us what your questions are and the Kings of Pickup will tell you the easiest and fastest solution for you. We’ll also generate a comprehensive plan of attack and a 1-hour phone consultation will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time to discuss your questions and any others that arise as a result of the discussion. This service is perfect for those in unique situations and for those who require the best advice on dating, seduction, style, fashion, relationship, and any other possible topic in the dating and relationship world.

What Can you Expect?

  • A focused 1-hour phone consultation with ANY of the Kings of Pickup Trainers (including Speer & Maven themselves)
  • All Kings of Pickup Trainers are trusted experts in the pickup and dating field, covering the topics of your choice and providing comprehensive responses to your questions.
  • Detailed and accurate information on topics ranging from dating, seduction, relationships, style, fashion, and anything in between.
  • A recording of the consultation in mp3 format. So you can review the call multiple times and take notes. (*additional cost option)

So, what are you still waiting for?

Phone Consults Price Guide:

We charge $250 per hour