If you have ever wanted private, one-on-one coaching from either Speer, Maven or one of our highly trained instructors, then you will not believe what I am about to tell you…

We previously only allowed Alumni Students to take one-on-one coaching. It’s because Speer and Maven are one of the very few pick up and dating instructors that actually want their students to succeed and believe that there are 3 things that make a champion; knowledge, experience (training), and quality coaching. That is why we only offered it to students who previously attended a workshop and wished to further their study and get extreme and permanent progress on their Path to becoming a true natural with women and in their social life. I am now making it available to the general public and for the first time ever.

Now, as you may already know, Speer’s style of game is all about a natural approach and building an amazing Lifestyle where women just get sucked into and Maven’s style is inner game, fun and massive kino escalation!

Unlike many gurus who simply give you the same scripted, rehashed routines that they give everyone else, our system is all about building and developing you as a person. We have always trained guys to become naturals and NOT pick-up artists. We do this by amplifying our student’s best attributes, in the most congruent way possible and working on them from the inside out rather than the outside in. It’s the most effective way anyway. This is why none of our students lose their progress. Unlike other systems that the students eventually snap back into their original personality type and lose the girl. The whole idea of our system is for us to help you recognize, and bring to the surface the best personality traits you already possess. We do this by using your own best qualities and attributes. This has it super simple for us to offer private training with a learning curve for our students that is faster than the Speed of Light.

No Fakeness, AT ALL! What Do You Say?

Again I never want you to take my word for it…

Hear what others have to say:

I had a blast in my one-on-one on Saturday and I learned a lot.

One of my sticking points had been that I would get numbers, but when I called or texted girls they didn’t respond. Speer explained that it had to do with the way I sarged them. I implemented the changes he recommended, and today (Monday) I have had two beautiful girls texting me repeatedly. One of the girls is a 9 in looks and a 10 in personality/wit/fun, and I could definitely have her as my girlfriend if I wanted that. Of course, knowing what I know now about pickup, I don’t want that! I’m too jazzed about my next opportunity to sarge!

By the end of the night, by the way, I was on fire. I had a girl open ME with “Where are you STAYING?” I loved that one! Naturally, I followed up and made out with her 20 seconds later. I didn’t full-close that night, but she did text me today.

Brad Hunter

I just want to rave for a second about Speer’s Methods. Shortly after the one-on-one I became sexual with three or four hot girls, with three or four more who I’ve had before who text me playfully from time to time, letting me feel that they would be available to me whenever I want. Frankly, I am turning girls away now who are calling me for sex, because I just can’t fit them all in to my schedule and I don’t need them all.

I am meeting a girl tonight for the fetish party, and she is bringing a friend who I have not met before, and all three of us are going to share a hotel room tonight. My girl has talked me up to her friend, and I have already told her that I am looking forward to sucking her girlfriends tits while she sucks my dick. I guess a threesome is in store for me tonight.

The Training Really Works……

Oh, by the way, age or looks don’t matter with Speer’s powerful methods. I’m 46, and my girls are 21-31…..

Hunter Florida

We found that our Private One-On-One Training became the most popular choice not only for our most successful students, but also for the students who preferred a more exclusive experience than a traditional boot camp.

Some of our top students are lawyers, doctors, celebrities and high profile business men to whom discretion and preservation of identity is of utmost importance. Kings of Pickup 100% respects our client’s anonymity.

Yeah, Yeah…But Why Is Private Coaching So Successful?

That’s simple… the Kings of Pickup understand that each person is different both in needs and in style of training. We completely cater the one-on-one to our client’s desires and wishes. Some want many girls while others want to find true love.

We at Kings of Pickup use the latest training technologies, such as;

Infield Video and/or Audio Recording.

This allows the student to watch or listen to himself in set and understand the dynamics that are happening from a third person perspective.

Both Night Game and Day Game over a period of two rigorous training days.

Full infield night session.

Full infield day time session.

Classroom and Infield Training.

Over 6 hours of intense class room training.

Over 6 hours of intense infield training.

All on a one-on-one basis.

Instant Infield Feedback after each set.

Our Trainers are dedicated to our student’s fundamental understanding of each interaction they had.

Critical adjustments are made after every set to improve results with each subsequent set.

Overcoming Approach Anxiety through breathing and social pressure exercises.

Here is just a few of the topics we will cover during your one-on-one:

  • Becoming Natural
  • Day Game
  • Natural Confidence
  • Getting Sexual With Ease
  • How to Beat Approach Anxiety
  • Proper Utilization of Body Language
  • Creating an Amazing Lifestyle
  • Building a Powerful Social Circle
  • Same Night Lays
  • Relationship Management
  • How to Make Threesomes and Sexual Fantasies Happen
  • How to Find The Girl(s) of Your Dreams
  • The Secrets to Winning Anyone Over


  • Text and Phone Game
  • Power Identity Building
  • Win Back Lost Relationships
  • Reconnect With Your Social Circle
  • Become The Leader In ANY Venue
  • Learn To See The Social Matrix
  • Understanding Hidden Messages
  • Damage Control
  • How To Build a Winning Personality
  • What Attractive Qualities To Project

And much, much more..

We often travel and are able to serve ANY US cities upon request. Contact us for more information if you would like to schedule a 1 on 1 and consult in your own city.

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