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You get the exact phrases down to the word. You’ll Learn:

  • Tonality
  • Eye Movement
  • Body Language
  • Facial Expressions
  • Escalation
  • Isolation
  • And much more..

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  • 2 Hours a week with Speer. You get the latest and most potent tactics.
  • Night game at high end clubs in Miami Beach.
  • Day game at our secret spots.
  • Online game coaching with Red Man from starting a profile to getting a date.
  • Personal diet plan to get you looking the best you can to put your best foot forward and to continue with on your path to mastery.

Fashion consulting that will break down the color pallet that fits the style for your identity. Also you’ll get access to:

  • Jacuzzi
  • Pool


  • Internet and WIFI
  • Flat Screen TV
  • DVD Copy of Rudiments
  • Spectrum Series DVD
  • Access to the players club.
  • Infield Audio Recording to hear and dissect what you say with the masters.
  • Infield Video Recording sky rocketing your results with break downs of what’s going on in the set.
  • Party at Project Miami with girls.

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There are three things that will allow you to get to the point you want to be at in becoming masterful with women.

  • Basic knowledge of attraction, emotions and seduction.
  • Experience by doing cold approaches live infield.
  • A Coach to get you to where you are entitled to be.

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Here are the different program options:

3 DAY 1 Week 30 Days
Personal Instructor
Hours – Maven 1 HR 1 HR 2 HR
Hours- Speer 1 HR 2 HR
Night Game
Day Game
Online Game
Personal Diet Plan
Personal trainer
Fashion consulting
Internet and WIFI
Access to the lair
Infield Audio Recording
Infield Video Recording

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