Ready To Learn How To Effortlessly Meet Hot Women During The Day?

Have you missed opportunities to attract the girls you want during the day time?
Ever felt like the gorgeous women standing next to you doesn’t want to be disturbed?

Well this is a problem of the past. Meeting women during the day is simpler then you think with just a few hours of training you can master the art of day game. You see the EFFORTLESS DAY GAME SYSTEM is designed to connect to women’s inner emotions and utilize your situations to yield maximum results.

The Kings of Pickup have constructed a SIX HOUR DAY GAME COURSE that will blow any of the competition away. While other PUA’s struggle with routines and scripted stories you’ll be whizzing by them getting the girls you always wanted but didn’t go for.

This exclusive workshop is a complete in the field experience. No bullshit, you’ll get solid tactics on how to do it the right way. Speer and the crew are the undisputed Kings of Pickup residing in Project Miami. Their level of game both during the night time and during the day is unmatched by anyone in the field today. There’s absolutely nothing like this training anywhere else!

Even the media has caught on to the power of the Effortless Day Game System. Cosmo recently caught up to Speer teaching one of his student’s in the field and composed a complete article about it…

Vince & Speer Featured in Cosmo

Why Miss Opportunities During the Day?

Everyone has different goals for themselves, whether it’s increasing amount of lays you have, having multiple girlfriends or finding the right one. No matter your goal the fact remains you should have the ability to meet women day or night and for that you need proper training.

Most men miss opportunities during the day because they simply don’t know how to approach during the day time. It’s like the game has been set up just to be played at night but it isn’t! That’s a myth my friends.

Imagine yourself being able to meet, attract, and pick up the women you want no matter the hour of the day. Think about how you could pick up while just living your normal life, at the office, at the gym, in coffee shops, grocery shopping, and bookstores! The possibilities are endless. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to have the freedom to attract and seduce women at any time.

Can Day Game Really Be Effortless?

Everything we teach is based on social psychology. In the above Cosmo article Speer is described as having a masters degree in social psychology and that’s not far from the truth. Speer has taught over 3,000 students to date. He has taught engineers, lawyers, business owners, directors, actors, doctors, computer programmers, writers, and many more on how to approach anyone during the day without being fake or relying on scripted material.

Speer is well known for naturally attracting women just by the way he lives and by bringing out his best qualities…

And he gets the same results for his students not by creating a fake identity or having money but rather by bringing out their best and most attractive features. Young, old, fat or not you owe it to yourself to take this step and become the best you can be at attracting the women you want at any hour of the day. Just check out some of our students during the day time:

Check out more in our review section. Not convinced yet?

Check out Speer using skills from over 6 years ago to pick up a major hottie during the day…

Are You Ready For Effortless Day Time Pickup?

Here’s how the program works:

  • In-field Day Game training starts at 2:00PM and goes till dark with the Kings of Pickup.
  • All of our trainers are extremely knowledgeable, super positive, and encouraging. We’re here to help you reach the goals you have always wanted with women!
  • Our Trainers will do demonstration sets right in front of your eyes, push you to do your own sets, and give you feedback after every approach.
  • The critical feedback will consist of body language, conversational tactics, creating sexual tension, kiss closing, and more.
    You’ll learn how to be completely natural without using routines right from the start of the training,
  • How to set up future dates and get her to go on an instant date with you right there on the spot.
  • You will learn critical escalation techniques and how to push it to the limit to get effortless results.
  • How to screen and qualify girls to find the right one for you.
  • Learn to read what we refer to as the “social matrix” which will allow you to capitalize on every move she makes.
  • How to use your own personality to attract anyone.
  • Inner game advice and solid self actualization tactics.
  • And much, much more…

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