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… And Discover the Unique, Revealing, and Most Secretive tactics. Speer’s Tactics are Used by Men Worldwide for Attracting, Dating and Seducing the Most Beautiful Women On the Planet… Guaranteed!

If you have ever wanted to see Speer work his magic live and in person… or if you would like to discover how to unlock the power of the most innovative tactics, and theories… allowing you to use his method with incredible precision…. that will bring you the results you always wished for… then this is your once in a lifetime opportunity!

Here’s why:

For the first time ever, Speer will reveal his coveted Massive Results tactics, tips, and strategies in a live seminar and infield event…


The Brand New Massive Results! Live Boot Camp Event

Here’s what it’s about:

On our exclusive boot camp dates Speer and the crew will be holding a historical 2-Day Massive Results Live Boot Camp event… a seminar and infield experience unlike any other pickup boot camp ever!

And, this event is so exclusive that we can only take a limited number of people!

You Will Have The Opportunity To Go All In, And Plug In Directly To The Power Of The Kings of Pickup And Gain Access To The Minds Of Pure Masters of Attraction!

Think of it like this… imagine reading The Black Book of Dating and Open Like a Master books, and have the advantage of the author standing by your side… explaining everything with crystal clear clarity. Also demonstrating each and every tactic right in front of your eyes!

Imagine yourself seeing exactly how Speer uses each and every technique. You’ll be able to hear how Speer phrases each word by learning firsthand seeing him use tonality, eye movement, and body language to seduce women with massive results time and time again!

Imagine being in the same room with Speer and the crew, and feel their positive energy… as they share with you exactly how to achieve the same vibe to attract any woman!

Imagine the results you’ll obtain as your knowledge is raised to mastery level allowing you to attract women at will in any environment that you choose!

During this Amazing 2 Day event you will…

Achieve a Deeper, Broader Understanding of Their Most Advanced, and Most Secretive Tactics, and Techniques… Bringing You Massive Results!

In fact, you’ll feel an overwhelming sense of confidence right away… as you learn the most powerful secrets that will make a huge change in how you approach and attract women forever!

Believe me when I say within the first few seconds of this life changing event, you’ll understand why Speer has earned The Best PUA in The World Award, why he was invited by Mystery to live in Project Miami, why he is virtually on every Top 10 PUA List, and why his students experience a life changing revelation when attending his boot camps.

Furthermore, you’ll fully get why Speer has been nominated for every award out there. Why he gets massive results in any city he lands in, and why he is called the “Johnny Depp”.

Inside this “closed door” Boot Camp, Speer and the crew will…

Unveil The Breakthrough Seduction Strategies That You Can Only Obtain In A Private Session, As They Open The Flood Gate To All Their Most Secretive Tactics!

The reason why is simple:

When Speer authored his books, he laid down everything that he could possibly explain and every detail on how to use the tactics to attract women. There’s some things that you simply can’t convey in written words.

As you can imagine… there are some tactics that you must see and experience in order to fully understand the raw power of them.

Here is a small sample of what you will get in the Massive Results Boot Camp:

  • The Entire Get LEI’ed Program Presented Live By Speer, Who Will Reveal His Personal Explanations, Giving You Deeper Insight That Can Not Be Described In Written Words! This event Is For Serious Students Of All Levels, Both New, And Those Experienced In The Game!
  • Speer’s Live Demonstrations will leave you speechless, and at the same time show you what is possible in all social settings. You will be able to use the body of knowledge presented by Speer immediately in the Real World
  • Speer leads body Language DRILLS, Which Will Allow You to Practice in real time before going out infield… You will receive Instant Feedback as Speer Provides Informative Feedback to Ensure That You will Maximize Your Infield Efforts!
  • Speer’s Sarges Caught On Tape, And Then Broken Down Bit By Bit By The Kings Themselves. They Will Explain Step-By-Step What Worked… And, Why! Using This Video Technology Removes The Typical Infield Barriers That Makes Learning Difficult… Meaning You Will Learn More!
  • Be One Of The Few To See, And Hear Speer’s Breakthrough LifeStyle Model… And, Be There As Speer Explains This Powerful Method In Explicit Detail In Person!
  • Absorb The Most Advanced Methods, And Strategies… Tactics So Powerful That They Will Revolutionize your Game.
  • See The Revolutionary Kinesthetic Imagery Tactic, As Speer will Show You Live His Ground Breaking Kino Conversation Methods, That Exceed Everything You Could of Ever Learn and Knew About Physically Escalating.

Plus much more including Speer’s Social Circle Mastery and his Make Out Madness Tactics.

This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from Speer in the Massive Results Live Boot camp.

In order to attend the Massive Results Live Boot camp you must:

Be At Least 18 Years Or Older, The Day That The Seminar Starts… Proof Of Valid Age Must Be Present. You Must Sign A Non-Disclosure Student Agreement Prior To Entering, Stated That The Information Disclosed During The Seminar Will Not Be Discussed With Anyone.

Now, I’m sure that if you’re still reading this, you’ll qualify to be ready to take your seduction, attraction, and lifestyle skills to the next level!

Now for the best part!

As I’m sure that you’re aware, most of Speer’s live training sessions, typically cost $1999 to attend, and they sell out in just about every major city throughout the world.

Luckily for you, he dropped his price. The fee to attend this historical event is under a 1400 dollars… IT’S JUST $1,200!

For a limited time, you can reserve your spot today for ONLY $56 a month. Yes you heard correctly. Kings of Pickup, LLC. now offers financing and you can take a bootcamp for as little as $56 a month.

That’s right!

You Can Spend 2 Whole Days Packed With Hours of Learning From The Kings of Pickup Themselves. For Just A Fraction Of The Price!

Plus, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

If after the first day of the seminar, for some reason, or no reason at all, you are not 100% completely satisfied with your decision to attend the Massive Results Live Boot Camp… simply ask any of our friendly staff members for a refund… which will be refunded to you with no questions asked, within 1 business day!

That’s fair, right?

But, not only do we give you that guarantee. If at the end of the boot camp you do not walk away with at minimum of one girl’s number, then we’ll also refund your money with no questions asked. The Kings of Pickup are so sure of the material they teach that they’re willing to give you a Number Pull Guarantee.

That should say something right?

So don’t delay because space is limited sign up today below.