The Return of Red Man
November 8, 2012
Introduction to The Journey
February 26, 2013

The Truth About Pinky

…Pinky started crying. I am pretty sure he was using NLP (Reverse psychology) for we could feel sorry for him. I wan not about to fall into his games or feel sorry for him. He was in full blown tears when he begged us to forgive him. He shouted like a little kid all the time. Dro walked out on him. Hush and I called him out on him shit AGAIN. He kissed our ass for we wont tell our other bosses. This wasn’t the first time he acted like a fool, and sure wasn’t going to be the last.

It was Pinky’s Birthday. The only cool thing about this party was that David Faustino or Bud Bundy from Married with Children showed up. He lived up the street so he decided to show up. Pinky was shitfaced again; Surprise Surprise! He kept wanting photos and video of him making out with ugly girls. Towards the end of the night, he locked himself in him room so that was the second highlight of that party.

Pinky was unprofessional. Maybe I should have taken a second look at his pink rooster hair. Another unforgettable trip was the second trip to Vegas. I drove Pinky as usual. Red Man and a student were in the back seat. It was getting late and I was tired as hell. I turned to Pinky and for the first time ever, I said somebody should take over the wheel as I couldn’t drive further. Red Man took over but as he was about to reverse, the car wasn’t in gear. Pinky heard the car ramming as it was not going anywhere. Suddenly, Pinky had a bitch fit, yelled at Red as if it was his fault. Pinky gets out of the passengers side and tells Red to get out. Pinky rambled and mumbled all pissed off in front of the student. Talking about how unprofessional that is.

Pinky seems like a cool down to earth dude when you first meet him. He got a so called “Most caring” PUA award. All he wants is your money and use you for all you got. If you only have $100, he would rather take those $100 than not to have $100 in his pocket. He would say, “I do not teach routines” but then he would tell his students what to say to girls. If you are going to teach cheap material, you should AT LEAST say the truth.