Beyond Pineapple: Make Her Swallow
October 26, 2012
The Truth About Pinky
November 16, 2012

After my ex and one of my best friends screwed me over I wanted to make sure I’d never have to go through those awful feelings of betrayal ever again in my life. It was time to bring my alter ego Red Man back and not just back. It was time to dig deep into my full potential and bring him back with a vengeance. I was severely depressed and it got bad enough to a point where my sister noticed I was shaking. I told her it was because I was upset and also the fact that I drank myself to oblivion the night before. My friend K continued to give me Zanex throughout the week just to keep myself calm. I sat down one day trying to get a grip on myself and started doing a lot of thinking. I knew that if I didn’t master the game I would continue to go through this again and again. The process of taking breaks from the community and game just because I got involved with a girl for a bit was not going well with me because I’d always come back. I realized that this journey would be painful, sad, uncomfortable, depressing, tough, bitter, and hard. I knew in that moment that I would do whatever it takes to become a master of seduction with women.
I decided to hit the gym really hard to do any little thing I could to get my endorphins going and to get rid of my depressed feeling. It came down to even quitting coffee and I couldn’t even eat as much for some reason because the pain I felt at the time was really overwhelming. I stopped drinking altogether when I would go out since alcohol is a depressant. I wanted to do something big that would be a lot of fun for all my friends just to get my mind off things. I went out with one of my former friends that I’d been friends with since I was a teenager. I’ll get to him in future posts but for now I’ll call him Dissin. Dissin and I really were a great team together and we worked as a team to set up a party bus for everyone to go from CT to New York City. I paid for everything including the alcohol for everyone. I just wanted everyone to have a great time and I wanted to have a great time as well. I ended up getting 40 people exactly for this party and the ratio was two girls to one guy. I was happy that together Dissin and I really pulled it off.
Throughout the night I got hit on like crazy and made out with three different women. I actually had a bathroom pull on top of it as well and once I walked out with the girl everyone cheered for us while we were doing the walk of shame as they call it. I was on fire and that’s when I felt like I was back and better than ever. I used the momentum I had from this night along with the pain I felt to really fuel my fire in the coming months. My meetup group in CT was growing faster than ever in popularity and in numbers. I really just started having the time of my life. Making out with two to three different women a night got to be as easy as drinking a glass of water every time I went out. I started pulling women left and right. Red Man was back and better than ever. The pain I felt really fueled my fire because I knew I was a good guy deep down and there was no reason for me to be rejected by any woman since I have everything going for me. I really wanted to show her and my friend that screwed me that they made a serious mistake. Believe me when I say that I certainly did in more ways than one. After being in the community for so long and being trained by both Mystery and Speer I also felt that there was no reason why I shouldn’t be one of the best in the world at this. I knew I was certainly capable of that once I started getting these mind blowing results that even I couldn’t fathom. It’s like I just went on a rampage after I snapped. I was mad at myself for not applying what I learned from the best and going forward in full force with it. If there’s anything you guys can learn from this post it’s that it’s never too late to start as long as you take steps forward.
I finally realized that a lot of my close friends like Dissin were starting to hate on me because of all the results I was getting with women. I would meet new women being out in Hartford most of the time and they would tell me wow you’re that guy that’s messed around with like every woman in your meetup groups. Even though it was true for the most part I would laugh and just tell them I didn’t know what they were talking about. I decided to stick to my word and move to South Florida like I had planned all along one night while out with everyone in Hartford. My friend K and I were really close so she was basically the only one I told everything to since she was the only one really there for me when I lost it. If it weren’t for her helping me I don’t know what would have happened. I only had two friends in South Florida at the time and Speer was one of them. I contacted Speer and told him that I was moving down. I saved the old facebook messages and here they are:

Speer nice tattoo! I sent a message to you on your other page but I forgot you had another one and I don’t think you use that one. Pinky came up to CT back in May and gave me a free ticket to the PUA Summit so I’m going. I’m also moving to South Florida this coming up weekend and am driving down.
I haven’t seen you in ages and looking to reconnect. I know your busy and all but I don’t really know anyone down there except for you and a few others. Please get back to me when you get a chance and if not I’ll see you at the summit! I hope all is well.
Red Man
That’s awesome that your moving down. I actually have an open room at my house, if you want to rent a room for a few months before I move to LA.
Red Man:
You know what I actually may take you up on that offer. I am driving down with my boy Eric and staying with his cousin who lives in Hallendale Beach the first week. I was actually going to look for a place to rent before I buy a house.
The economy is so bad down there they can’t give houses away. I thought you loved Miami? How come your moving? We have a ton to catch up on I don’t even know where to begin. How much for rent? It’s the same place I stayed with you on Collins Ave right? Let me know as soon as you can. Also what happened with your wife??? I see you guys seperated. I’m sorry to hear that.
September 14, 2011
Sal Peer
Moving to Hollywood for several reasons but I’ll tell you when I see you at the summit brosef.
September 15, 2011
Red Man
Sounds good bro! Sweet! Renting for a few months I can definitely do. I also have to thank you for teaching me what you have years ago. My game has come to a new level and making out with sometimes two or three girls a night has become the same as drinking a glass of water. I actually have to turn some girls down for sex this summer simply because I don’t have time.
I still have a few quirks to work out. My cold approach game is rusty but my social circle, warm game is better. I’ve come a long way. Anyways enough of that I’ll talk to you when I see you next weekend. Looking forward to the summit and take care until I see you! :)I’m excited about the summit and happy for you and Pinky getting Project Hollywood! See you soon.

I was more than ready to take my game even further and I knew that going to the summit was going to get me there.