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You are not alone…
In fact, in a recent study, researchers found that over 68 % of men have encountered an amazing opportunity to meet girls, but lacked the confidence to approach them!
Keep in mind…
that its just approaching girls. And we have all seen guys that muster up enough confidence to approach a woman, but end up freezing up while trying to figure out the next thing to say. Usually guys are never able close the deal and get girl’s number. Or, worse yet… get completely blown out with freezing cold rejection!
Deep down you know the truth. In order to really be successful with girls… it takes more than just the confidence!
In fact, to achieve maximum results… you need extremely solid game.
And, let’s face it…

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I have revealed many of my secrets of attraction through my books, audio sets, several web sites, blogs, as well as countless television, radio, and seminar appearances.
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Each month I will personally go infield and demonstrate one lesson that we will cover during our Monthly One-on-One. This you will actually SEE me DEMONSTRATE each lesson! The Certified Speer Method Instructors are always top notch players from within the pick-up community… meaning guys that can deliver huge value to your game! My hand-picked Certified Instructors are my personally trained coaches, and are also ENDORSED BY LOVESYSTEMS. Each Instructor is selected not only by their ability to attract, and allure women with ease, but their ability to actually TEACH their results using the Speer Method.

For example: Master Pick-Up Artist, Revelations, was a former student who escalated his game so much that he has dozens of girlfriends on standby. Most of which are smoking hot! Bottom line: Each Speer Method Instructor is either a guy I would trust on any given night to be my wing… or guys that I would be honored to sarge with! Now, here’s where things get rockin’:
Once the team has been assembled, as your guide I will take you undercover! Using state of the art video surveillance technology, I take you out into the real world… and together we go out sarging real women.
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But that’s just the beginning…
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What others have to say

Speer Is the Best!!!
Last friday and saturday I did a one on one with Speer. I spoke with some of the guys who have met Speer and everyone spoke very highly of him so my expectations were set fairly high. After spending two days training with Speer all I can say is WOW!!! Speer rocks.
On Friday we discussed the theory during the day and went out to Up or on the Rocks in Hartford at night. In summary, I got 6#s, all of the girls were above average 8+ with two being very attractive. There was no more then 5 minutes at any time when I was not in set, with Speer coming in to give me pointers while I was in set and after I was done. Every time I pushed for the number I got it, the with exception for one girl who told me she had a kid, I think I pulled the trigger to soon on her, and one girl being married, she showed me the ring on her finger.
One set that stood out was, a girl that I fumbled weeks/months earlier,gorgeous, I saw her walk into the venue and was hoping that Speer did not, because I did not want to approach her. Needless to say Speer saw her and as soon as he did, he told me we were not leaving until I got her number, I told Speer that I fumbled it months ago and did not want to make a fool out of myself again, he still said we are not leaving, I did not want to approach this girl and this was one time when the no more then 5 minutes not in set rule was broken. I told Speer I am not doing it, he said we are not leaving until you get her number or until she tells you to fuck off. This girl was the hottest girl there. Now at this time this girl was with three guys and two girls, surrounded with no way in. Speer asked Ace to take care of the guys while I get the girl. Before going in, I did not see that working out very well but Speer was not budging so Ace and I went in. At this time the girl had a ring of guys/girls around her. Ace and I got as close to her as we could, I called her name and motioned her to come to me after talking for a couple of minutes I asked her for her phone number, it was really loud so I could not hear her so I kept on showing her the number that I punched in and she kept on telling me that I had it wrong, this went back and forth 4 or 5 times, finally she snatched my phone from my hand and tried to punch it in, but had trouble (I have a phone with too many buttons on it) so I snatched it back and after 3 or 4 more tries got it right. On top of this we were standing on the patio where it was really cold and she was not wearing much she still refused to give up and made sure that I got her number down right. I am talking to this girl as well as another Russian girl that I number closed on friday right now to get together for a Day 2.
On Saturday, Speer and I covered more of the theory and tactics for day game and went to the mall. At the mall Speer set a rule, of no more then 5 minutes between sets. I ended up meeting another Russian girl on saturday although I fumbled I learned a lot about day game.
Speer was awesome!!! For all the guys who have taken other boot camps and did not see the results, Speer is the man. I took a boot camp with Mystery Method before and did not get much out of it either so I was a bit skeptical as to how much Speer would be able to help.
Speer made a believer out of me. Knowing how much I learned, I would gladly have paid many times more. Speer is the BEST!!!
~ Sergey

“Was the boot camp worth it? I would definitely do it again!… and I just might.”

A couple of weekends ago I got together with Speer for a 1 on 1. I never really heard anything about Speer except for quickly browsing his web site, however with his quick response of an e-mail I sent him, I decided he would be reliable for a 1 on 1. Speer arrived up in Dallas and I 1st met up with him over in Uptown. He dressed like a rock star and showed great confidence just with walking. As soon as I saw him I felt inferior. He had a welcoming smile as we shook hands. As soon as we started walking and talking towards my car I was quick to ask him as much I could about his job and what he did and what our boot camp would be like… As we were in my car traveling back to my apartment he started telling me about a lot of stories and the training that he has done and some of the different movie sets he has been on and the girls he’s dated. His stories were fascinating and he told them so well. Almost the entire time I was listening to them I was either laughing or hardly paying attention to the road because I was so into his stories. He was very easy to talk to (and listen to) and it seemed like he was just an old friend in town. He made me seem equal to him right from the start even though he is a straight out baller. We got back to my apartment after a 20 minute drive and we started going over gaming and the model he uses. We studied gaming for about 5 or 6 hours until it started getting late. Afterward, he went back to his place and I stayed at mine and I got ready to go out that night. I briefly reviewed all the stuff we just went over. I ended up traveling over to Uptown to meet up with him and once again he was dressed like a rock star with all the confidence in the world displayed on his face and in the way he walked and stood. Speer and I ended up crossing the street away from the bars to work on body language so he could fill me in on the importance of it and how to use body language correctly. It took me incredibly long to learn how to correctly do it. For some reason I couldn’t get it down. I was getting rattled and even before I did any approaches I got AA! Wtf!? This isn’t like me, but when you’re in a scenario about to game girls with an incredible PUA, you get nervous thinking you’re going to mess up. This is where I really got to appreciate Speer and really value him as a teacher and as a friend… Even though I was screwing up over and over and not getting it right he was still there saying, “Hey, its fine. Loosen up. Stop being so tense. You got this. C’ mon man”. He stood there and took my AA and still worked with me even though it must have been incredibly frustrating for him. He finally said, “Alright, we need to break this. Let’s go”. We walked a quarter of a block and a 3 set was walking our way. “Open them”, he said with a calm voice. I opened them with a canned opener he gave me. The set hooked immediately, and even though my body language was terrible, the girls were into this opener. I didn’t even really know what to say after the girls replied to the opener I just kind of talked and they did the same and one chick, a HB6, started DLVing herself and actually started dancing right in front of me asking me if I wanted to see her do the robot… Anyway’s, the set left after a couple of minutes and went on their way to wherever they were originally going. Speer looked at me with a smile and said, “You should have number closed. They were into you”. I had terrible body language and completely ignored what Speer was saying to me over and over about how to correctly use body language and he still sat there with a smile. Shortly after he asked, “Was that so bad? You feel a little better now?” And I did. I normally never get that bad of AA… So we finally hit the streets, working on my sticking points – body language and opening and cutting threads. I opened a 2 set (2 HB7s) and they walked off after only talking for a couple minutes. I opened another 2 set (2 HB9s) and then I excused myself. Speer calmly kept telling me, you’re doing better, but you need to number close… The next venue we went to was a bar I was actually semi-familiar with. It’s a bar I’ve actually been to before. When we walked in there was a bunch of commotion over in this one corner. I ended up finding out from a random girl that was kinoing me like crazy that it was a bachlorette party. I opened one blond girl, a HB8, and she turned to me quickly before I could even finish saying my canned opener and she goes, “Oh! Give me a massage!” What?! “Woah, take me out to dinner first geez. You move too quickly for me”. She laughed and then her HB8 brunette friend overheard and started laughing as she turned and opened me. She looked at me with excited eyes and says, “Can I kiss you?” (No Bullsh*t). “I’m sorry?” The brunette friend then told me that all the girls had picked a card from a deck of cards and on the card had a mission they had to complete. (All the missions were pretty sexual) I ended up letting the brunette friend kiss me on the cheek and take a picture of it, and I made the blond HB8 girl qualify herself in order to get me to give her a massage. She did so and I ended up giving her a very quick and light massage. I ended up number closing her rather easily and then Speer and I left and went on in the night. My first number close of the night was simple and fun! Speer and I took off and went bar hopping to probably 7 different bars that night. Long story short, I ended up having a dallas cowboy cheerleader grind all over me with 2 of her friends trying to DHV to me while she did that, I number closed 6 girls, and ended up learning a lot and got a lot better with my body language, and had a great night followed up by a good afternoon the following day… The day after Speer wanted to do day game with me at the mall. When we arrived at around 3 I was once again getting butterflies but felt a little better in the mall. He told me that he wasn’t going to tell me what girls to open and that I got to choose which ones to open and that there were no canned openers for today. None! That it was me doing me own thing… I ended up number closing 4 girls! After the mall Speer and I rolled back to where he was staying and he reviewed me on my sticking points and what I needed to work on and asked if there was anything else I needed to ask him. I told him that if I did I’d give him a call. He told me to call him for sure and that he is always available. (Even though it’s only been 2 weeks, every time I’ve texted him, he has been quick to respond… like within the minute of me having sent the text – every time!) This weekend was filled with knowledge, fun, AA, girls, and a great experience. Speer always made me feel equivalent to his level and never got frustrated or upset with what I was doing. He was only encouraging and helpful. He was an incredible instructor and certainly knew what he was doing and what he was talking about. The guy knows his stuff and was a blast just to hang out with. Was the boot camp worth it? I would definitely do it again!… and I just might.

~ Yale Dallas, TX

“I was on fire. I had a girl open ME with “Where are you STAYING?”

I had a blast in my one-on-one on Saturday and I learned a lot. One of my sticking points had been that I would get numbers, but when I called or texted girls they didn’t respond. Speer explained that it had to do with the way I sarged them. I implemented the changes he recommended, and today (Monday) I have had two beautiful girls texting me repeatedly. One of the girls is a 9 in looks and a 10 in personality/wit/fun, and I could definitely have her as my girlfriend if I wanted that. Of course, knowing what I know now about pickup, I don’t want that! I’m too jazzed about my next opportunity to sarge!
By the end of the night, by the way, I was on fire. I had a girl open ME with “Where are you STAYING?” I loved that one! Naturally, I followed up and made out with her 20 seconds later. I didn’t full-close that night, but she did text me today.
~ Brad
Miami, FL

Month to Month
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Month After Month With The Path, You Will Learn the Most Practical Real World Solutions to Master the Art of Pick Up.
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You’ll discover the riveting, field tested secrets to

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Reading any woman’s body language, to know what she is really saying, effortlessly… like reading a children’s book!
How to adjust your game to maximize your current surroundings… allowing the environment to work to your advantage, every time!
Using cold approach techniques to win over women when you are short on time or opportunity!
Have perfect game regardless of your current mental state of being!
Using kino to rapidly escalate her desire for you… locking out other guys for good!
The key factors in using dominance to get her immediate compliance!
Dealing with AMOG’s and other set interrupts,without getting blown out!
Maintaining perfect frame control and resilient mental state!
Dominate the social totem pole, and be the “big dog” of your surroundings!
Use social proof to your advantage… and much, much more!

With so much value being delivered month after month… it is easy to see how…
The Path Will Consistently Build Up Your Skill Level and Add New Tactics to Your Arsenal… Growing Your Game… Month after Month!
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