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June 29, 2012
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July 7, 2012

FR: Persistence Pays Off……Waxy’s in Miami 10/28/11

Tonight I picked up Will and we went out to meet up with one of our boys along with two girls in the meetup group I run down here. Will and I have had a lot of momentum going the past several weeks doing day game and everything which is why I think keeping a journal on the forum is more effective than writing field reports and lay reports so I’m going to start posting field/lay reports as their own thread. I’m also going to have a journal going which is a new concept to me but also could be better doing it that way.

Once Will and I arrived at Waxy’s I started opening people asking them where Natasha was. I think that we basically opened just about everyone in the immediate vicinity looking for this girl. I went to take a piss and once I came out I found another two set that I opened and it happened to be the women we were looking for. We met up with our boy Jesse there as well who happens to have terrible game. He’s still our boy regardless though. The girls were alright at first but here’s where things got interesting.

I told them that we were going to bounce to the Hardrock Casino afterwards and that they should join us because it was going to be a great time. All of a sudden five minutes into the conversation things got weird and the vibe changed completely. I think it was something that Jesse said to one of the girls when I went to take a piss that turned the both of them off. I noticed they were having their own side bar conversation texting each other right in front of the three of us. I felt weird and thought what the fuck?? The girls told us they were going to the bathroom and that they would be right back. Well they never came back and I’ve never had people do that to me ever in my entire life.

I sat there with Will and Jesse talking for a good fifteen minutes when I realized no girl takes that long in the bathroom ever…..period. We sat there for a few minutes thinking damn……I told myself I wasn’t going to let this ruin our night by any means and that if people don’t like us then fuck em! I opened up a few sets and got blown out right away and I thought damn…..what a rough start to the night but who cares I was there to have fun so that’s what I was going to do. I tried to get Will to open the set I just got blown out of but his AA was still too strong at this point. I opened up a mixed set behind me at this point.

The mixed set was a guy and two girls and I really liked all of them. It went great for the rest of the night with this particular group of people. Will did an excellent job winging for me by occupying the guy while I gamed the brunette in the set since I was getting the most IOI’s from her. I number closed her and continued the interaction. Her red head friend was my original target but somehow I ended up switching targets. The red head was dressed as a witch and the brunette as an angel. I got them both to like me by doing a bit of role playing saying the angel was the good side of my concious and the red head was the bad side/witch side of my concious. Either way the night went well with this set.

****After opening and number closing several more sets I noticed something interesting as the night went on. All of a sudden we were the life of the party there. Sets of women that left us before were now coming back to us saying we were the coolest guys in there. Bottom line is I got so many numbers that night plus we were merging sets in there so everyone saw us as awesome! Either way we had a lot of fun and the main thing I learned that night is persistence pays off and to keep plowing no matter what happens. Also don’t ever let anything or anyone affect your frame.