The Contract Part I — End Game (Post 44)
July 24, 2012
Whatever It Takes….7/26/12
July 26, 2012
I went to pick Mystery up at the airport, and he wanted to go out. He couldn’t stand to be by himself for two minutes. It always seemed to me that he wasn’t capable of enjoying his own company, he always had to have the validation of other people. Even though he was super cool and good to me, I felt sad for him. He was caught up in a world that didn’t allow for family and friends. He felt like he had to prove himself to others, and there was just an overall emptiness to him.

Mystery took a look at the video Brady made and told me I couldn’t introduce myself because it would be weird and wouldn’t make an impression on anybody. I asked him who could introduce me, and he said he would. I thought that was an awesome idea, especially since his name was so big, and about to become bigger with the TV show.

So we grabbed Dustin and shot the video. It was only a few minutes of him calling me one of his top instructors. Since he was in-field with me so much, he knew what I could do and saw all the women I was with. I gave Brady that footage and he re-edited the video. It was a few more days before it was ready and I uploaded it to YouTube. I was anxious to show my face and to start getting to work. I was anxious to start helping people turn their lives around, get them to a place where they feel good about themselves. I knew that if I could change just one thought process in a person, that his life would be changed forever. Once you start thinking about things differently, you’ll never make the same choices as before.

Also, after I had done the one on ones, I realized for the first time how good it felt to change someone’s life positively. I think that was a piece that was missing out of my life. Not that I’m a do-gooder by any means, but this was something that was very rewarding. If you’ve ever helped a friend through a hard time, it makes you feel good about yourself, like you’ve touched somebody’s life for the better.

Once I put the video up, I got a call the next day. It was Lovedrop, telling me I needed to take it down. I didn’t understand because it was getting a lot of views and could only help business, but he’s telling me I need to set the video to private so no one could see it. I saw some strong indications in the past, but this is when I really realized that they didn’t want me to be successful. I think they were scared I would go off and do my own thing, but that was never on my mind.

Even though now that’s what I’m doing, might I add, more successfully than they are now.

So, I didn’t set the video to private, I left it up and that really pissed them off. I didn’t follow instructions like a good little soldier. I just didn’t understand. It seemed to me that their interest started growing in me, not that I saw any money. Lovedrop hadn’t paid me for the car damages from the crash, and I didn’t get paid for the bootcamp or the one-on-one that I did. But I kind of understood their position. They didn’t have any money, the house payments were swallowing the business up. They just got into too much debt with all the money they conned out of the system. A few days passed and my intro video was around 27,000 views. It was getting 4,000 to 5,000 views per day.

Lovedrop had sent over a contract for me to sign. Dustin printed it out and gave it to me, and I told Lovedrop, let me look through it and if it’s good I’ll sign it. I did want to be a partner after all.

After reading the contract it didn’t look fair. Everything was in their interest, and there was nothing in mine. They would get the rights to all my audio, video, and everything else I produced. They would basically own me. It had another clause that would trademark my name, and another clause said they could pay me at their discretion, and if I quit they didn’t owe me anything. It was a sincere fuck you by them and their attorney, who happened to be Lovedrop’s uncle.

My mom’s neighbor was a judge who I helped out with a few computer problems he had. He told me he would take a look at the contract and highlight anything that seemed unfair or unjust.

He handed the paper back to me with virtually the entire contract highlighted, except for a few words including “the”, “but”, “and”, etc.

This is the first time they tried to really impose their greed and power lust on me. Like I said before, most people don’t know how to handle power when they get some for the first time. This was the first time that I saw them as truly ruthless, only caring about themselves. It was weird, because the split between Mystery and Savoy was over a contract that Savoy tried to get them to sign that they thought was fucked up. But this contract they wanted me to sign was way worse. I called Lovedrop and told him there was no way I could sign it, it would have to be revised.

He told me he would look into it.

Meanwhile, I told Brady to backup all of my posts on the VA forum, sort of in anticipation of what was about to unfold.

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