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December 7, 2011
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December 9, 2011

Starting Small

One thing I have noticed with a lot of people is that they start setting there goals way to high from the start. People want to be at the end of the race before they start. How do i pull a threesome with a girl I just meet?
Well can you open a girl? More times than not the answer is no. you can’t learn the advanced tactics with out getting the basics down and having fun with that information.
That is why I am starting small here in Project Hollywood. Instead of can I get same night lays and threesomes. I am going for a basic goal of one number a day. That is it the rest is a gift. Now can I get more than one number a day? HELL YEAH. Since I have been doing this every day I get more numbers than just one. Then why am I setting this goal so low?
Simple if i can reach this goal then that equals 365 numbers.That’s with just one number a day. I give my self a coin flips chance on everything I do at least. That’s 365 girls I get to practice text with. Out of those 365 lets say half are flakes. That leaves me with 182 girls that I am in a conversation with. If I am having a conversation with them they are attracted to me that mean I have a 50/50 chance of meeting them if my text game is really bad based on that initial interaction. Now that leave 91 girls I meet. 91 dates and chances to practice getting the girls back to your place. After you get process going say you only pull 50% back to your place. That is 45 girls you can practice your seduction with. That means 22 lays. Just by getting the number of one girl a day. Would you be willing to have 22 lays this year? I am for sure. I am going to use the law of averages to my advantage. The more numbers you pull the more girls you have in your life the more lays you get.
Start small with a goal this way you can have the law of averages come into effect and create the momentum you need to get you your dreams in a record time… That’s why I don’t stop at one too ;).