January 25, 2012
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January 26, 2012

Speer’s Edge: Kinesthetic Imagery

What is Kinesthetic(Kino) Imagery?

This is simple to explain, but first let me share some other benefits of using this remarkable tactic…

1. It will allow you to touch without seeming needy
2. Build concrete feeling to your storytelling.
3. Fire an additional sense in the person you are communicating with.
4. Allows you to physically escalate quicker.
5. Allows you to fabricate compliance tests out of thin air.
6. Making your target feel more comfortable with your touchs
and much more…

In order to understand Kinesthetic(Kino) Imagery we have to understand the basic senses behind all communication. Please see image below

The idea is that by firing more senses in the person you are communicating with, your communications are more efficient.

For Example; If you can tell someone something stinks and they can smell it you have triggered 2 of the 5 basic senses. 1 being hearing, and the 2nd being the smell.

This creates a more concrete reality that it stinks.

This goes the same for using Kinesthetics(kino) during storytelling. Anytime we story tell we are activating 2 of the 5 basic senses. 1 being hearing, 2nd being seeing. Seeing is not with the eyes! According to leading research you see with your mind. This is why you can close your eyes and visualize something you have either not seen (based on description) or have seen before. This is also why it fires the sames brain areas when you see or imagine anything.

In order to make the stories more believable and more concrete we want to add in a 3ed sense to the stories we tell, and by utilizing this breakthrough revelation made by Speer we can do that by utilizing Kinesthetic(Kino) Imagery.

So lets get into it…How do you utilize Kinesthetic(kino) Imagery?

The idea is simple. You connect anything in your story in order to touch.

For Example:
I usually stroytell about my sky diving, or dancing experience in clubs.

In my skydiving story Kino Imagery allows me to show her how the instructor was attached to me, or how I used the two levers when I parachuted down to control the chute. By telling her to place her hands on mine while moving them around showing her how I acctually controlled it. I fire off a touch and feel sensation.

In my dancing story, I demo the dance move I pulled by using this technique.

This allows me to touch (Kino) and make the story more believable along with myriad of other benefits listed above.

Remember you are not limited to dancing, or skydiving. Its more like anything you believe you can turn into a Kino compliance test through your storytelling will work just fine. This is hands down the easiest way to touch without seeming contrived or needy.

I will be coming out with a video shortly to further demonstrate how this works.

Talk soon and welcome to a new level of gaming!

And please leave me feedback..thanks,

Speer =—->