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December 26, 2011
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December 27, 2011

Speer’s Edge: Begining 12 Do’s & Dont’s

1. Don’t be too obsessive. If the girl doesn’t call, they might have been too busy to answer. Leaving 5 voice mails just makes you appear desperate.

2. Don’t move too quickly. It could cause a pipi le pew situation (you persue and the other runs away as fast as they can).

3. Don’t talk too much about your ex’s. And if you do, don’t say anything disparaging. Treat it as a new relationship so empty your luggage at the door.

4. Be courteous. Please and thank you go a long way.

5. Be flexible. If you have to cancel, reschedule unless you really didn’t want to go out with the girl to begin with.

6. Guys, I hate to say it, but bring cash and/or plastic to the date. If the woman wants to go dutch great, but expect to pay on the first date atleast.

7. Do open her doors. Hold out your hand if you have a really big car/truck and if she has a skirt and heels, etc. Little things go a long way.

8. Do compliment the other person and show interest.

9. Do listen to your date. Shut up about yourself for a few minutes to hear what they have to say. (I have to remind myself of this one personally).

10. Don’t drink too much. Impaired judgment always follows.

11. Don’t look too hard for faults in the other person. You’ll always find something to sabotage the next relationship. You’ve been hurt before so you don’t want to set yourself up to have it happen again.

12. Don’t make plans too quickly (i.e. don’t start naming your future kids on the second date).