The innovator and talking head of Speer Method and Social Brim. Sal Peer aka Speer is a world famous dating guru, business man, investor, marketeer and founder of Social Brim, Miami’s hottest digital agency.

From January 2007 – Till 2015, he ran the largest Men’s Dating Conference in the world. Sal’s focus in the dating industry led him to appearing as a dating expert whenever TV came calling. He is well known for his pivotal role critiquing men’s questionable behaviour choices in thirty seconds or less.

Sal has been in the spotlight as a professional talking head and keynote speaker, making on-air appearances in MSNBC, CW, WB, Bravo’s Millionaire Match Maker, Washington Post, Learning Annex, KTLA5, Playboy and The Today Show just to name a few. He has done commentary for Love Systems, GPC and has hosted events all over the world through his Global Conferences and Training Seminars. He has taught thousands of men his specific method to socialize better on and offline. Sal hooked the entire dating community by taking over the legendary Project Hollywood described in the bestselling book The Game (also known as Dean Martin’s Mansion).

Sal got his start as a sales person and marketing adviser for VH1’s Star; Mystery, working behind the scenes writing articles and making sales calls for two years in the legendary “Project Miami” mansion. Shortly after, he refused to sign a development deal with Venusian Arts. In the midst of running a successful tech company (Skytel Direct), Sal worked with a high profile business marketer, later becoming one of the most successful marketers to hit the net.

After deciding that he wanted to start a family he moved back to Miami and started on a path to map out how he rose to the #1 Spot and how he consistently made high six figures from the age of 23 using the power of the internet and social media.

Sal lives in Miami, Floida. His parents were fortunate enough to find their way to America the land of opportunity. While the entire extended family shared a studio apartment in Queens, Sal’s father Beny began working at a relative’s Aviation business in Miami and eventually moved the family to Miami, Florida.

As a young child, Sal began his entrepreneurial career by flipping computers in classified sections. Soon he had upgraded to operating an computer distribution channel with multiple locations.

In his early teens, Sal cornered the local market on local news paper classified section for Personal Computers, often making thousands in a weekend with his extremely precise sales strategies, great value and his razor-sharp vision. All of this came to a halt when, at the age of 23, When Sal joined Project Miami. In the blink of an eye he went from computer sales to globe trotting teaching Social Dynamics.

As soon as Sal realized that he can help people increase their social skills, everything changed. Soon he was traveling the globe teaching men how to win in ANY social situation. Fostering amazing relationships through Sal’s teachings

While working at Venusian Arts, Sal discovered a amazing insight from Frank Kern: Offering Value over The internet. He immediately saw the potential to “make shit happen” online.

Over the following years, Sal would make it his mission to be a first mover wherever he could see sales opportunities: from email marketing, to Google AdWords, to flash sales. This approach dramatically increased sales, driving – the now re-branded – KOP and GPC. Then, Sal decided to pursue a new avenue of content marketing, creating video content, and globe trotting to over 50 countries in-order to change his life forever…

In the process of Sal’s catapult to fame as a web personality, he fostered relationships with various Marketing Gurus and investors like Mike Long, Nick Savoy, and more. These connections lead to Sal’s first forays into becoming the #1 Ranked Social Guru in the world. During this time, Sal also embarked on what would become a prolific career as a public speaker, delivering his first ever keynote at the Love Systems Convention (the content of which would become the basis for his first book, The Black Book of Dating & Pickup). All of this lead Sal to become a fixture at major Men’s Dating & Relationship events, including starting his own conference in NY, DC, Tel-Aviv, LA, Netherlands, Germany, Vegas, and Miami.

In 2014, after walking away from Dating Industry, Sal, who had recently moved back to Miami from LA to start a family, founded Social Brim, an agency focused on helping local business brands tell their stories on the net. Securing early clients like the Mayor of Miami Gardens, CEC Wash Park, Fidelity Trading and others. Social Brim now represents over 100 clients all over the globe and helps with their digital solutions in order to increase profits to the tune of seven figures or more.

Full Name
Sal Peer

Other names

November 21, 1980 (age 36)
Miami, Florida