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May 14, 2012
Gaming at a fetish party Part I — End Game (Post 26)
May 16, 2012

Sexual Innuendo VS. Sexual Frames

We have all heard, “be sexual” with women. Well, “Being sexual” can mean many different things:
sexual body language, sexual voice tone, sexual kino (touching), and sexual verbals.

Sexual verbals are indirect statements. Most understand how to do dirty talk or direct sexual talk, but that is generally not used until end game or relationship game. Sexual verbals in the early part of an interaction with a new person usually take the form of sexual innuendo.

Sexual innuendo:

“That’s what she said”
I have a job for you, but it blows.
“If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?”
I think your clothes and my clothes would look great piled up on my bedroom floor.
The girls says “you’re so full of yourself.” you reply quickly “you wish you were full of me too.”
“I’m gonna put my wiener in your buns.”
“Can I butter your muffin?”
“First we’ll get hammered, then we’ll screw.”
“I work at a lumber store. I’ve got more wood than you can handle.”
“Oh shit, it erupted prematurely…”
“I’m going to inject you with my special fluid now!”
“Notice how hard and firm this is.”
“Forward and back, forward and back… excellent technique.”
“I want you to empty your junk into my box!”
“I’m going to fill you in, baby. Every last bit of you.”
“You may feel a small prick…”
“Just wait a minute while I get my balls out…” any sport
“Would you like a lick of my lollipop, little girl?”
“The second coming is imminent.”
“I work for a handyman company. Oh, I’ll nail your rack alright. I’ll nail it nice and hard.”
“Now grab the knob…”
“These are some hard buns!”
“I’ll be going out and coming in frequently”
“My package has got your name on it!”
“And here is a lovely pair of tits…”
“I had to come inside through the back door.”
“They’re huge popsicles. You can barely fit them in your mouth.”
“So that’ll be two teabags and a spitroast, with a creampie to finish. Excellent choice.”
(These are just examples. Remember not to over do it)

Sexual Frames:

You can shape her qualities to your advantage. You do this by qualifying her and by making statements like, “I’m so glad you are not like that”. You want to first make her feel and think that she is Adventurous. If she sees herself as the adventurous type who takes risks, she is more likely to leave the bar with a guy she met that night.
She Is Spontaneous. The more she sees herself as someone who does something on a whim, the easier it will be to convince her to go home with you.
She Is Independent. Independent means that she makes her own decisions, unrestrained by what others think.
She Is Sexually Aggressive Toward Someone She Likes. It’s key that she is this way with someone she likes. You’re going to build attraction, so once she is attracted to you, she’ll unleash her sexual aggressiveness.
What Type Is She? You’re going to find out what her physical or emotional type is, because this will tell you how to seduce her.
The Woman And You Both Are Good At Keeping Secrets. This allows her to enact “slutty” behavior without fear of you talking about it to others.
She Is Decisive. This means that she doesn’t have to ask her friend’s opinions – her friends who we haven’t built attraction with.
The Woman Goes For What She Wants. She doesn’t wait for things to happen when she wants something. This means that if she wants you, she’ll go for it.
She Doesn’t Get Cock-Blocked. (She is the leader of her friends) This routine is newer and it’s designed especially for nightclubs and bars.
She Doesn’t Care What Her Friends Think. Her friends may be telling her to watch out for you, so convince her that her friends’ opinions aren’t as important as what she wants.
She Trusts Herself. She is confident about what she wants.
She Has A Good Sense About People. She knows people really well and she trusts this sense. This helps her to trust her feelings that you’re a good person when she meets you.
You Aren’t Going To Get Weird. What this basically means is that you won’t suddenly get needy after sex.
You Are Non-Judgmental. If you don’t judge people, this means that you won’t think bad things about her when she gets dirty. You’ll still respect her in the morning.

“You know, one thing about me is I do not kiss and tell.I think it’s really weird when people are all up into everyone elses business and trying to kind of be too out there with their sexuality. I think it’s nobody’s business what happens between two adults”

You’re not going to be the kind of Judge Judy-like hand of the law that goes
you shouldn’t do that, that’s bad, you’re a bad person

For example, if I tell a girl that she’s’ the type of person who goes for what she wants and she goes:
that’s true, she’s going to become more malleable, and if it’s a compliment and she likes that image of herself, she’s going to actually start to behave more and more in this manner, which will actually affect her behavior in the interaction

It wont get weird- get really weird after sex. A lot of men get hung up on the sex. Some automatically think they
reattached. They think the girl is their girlfriend, and start making plans right away.

Others change. They act like it was weird and dirty and come across like they aren’t as emotionally into the girl afterwards. They act like it’s such a big deal, or they make it seem that they don’t respect the girl, or anything like that. You have to convey that sex is not a big deal and if anything sexual happens between the two of you it will not get weird. It’s not going to be awkward, she’s not going to have to avoid going to a certain bar that you go do because it was weird and strange. She’s not going to get killed in her sleep; and she’s not going to see you jump up with your leather pants and crotchless underwear on. It’s normal and natural. So the way that I like to set this frame is to tell a story about a female friend of mine who had a weird one-night stand and then talk about how most people take sex too seriously