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Hey guys,

Overall I was mindblown by Speer, I dont want to sound fake nor cheesy, but what I like about him more than anything is that he really wants to know what you want and he will help you get it, like for instance.....sounds crazy but I dont want to get laid like crazy by tons of different women, thats me, because during my BC I could of had it couple of times, and even Speer commented to other guys about it as i was running a set. "If he wants to he could get laid tonight", just the way that I was running my set, and he even told me that as I talked to him insided the club. and here is the coolest thing, and its what sold me out to his style and him as a we were leaving the club, I told Speer, "hey man, to be honest with you , im the kind of guy who doesnt want sex unless i am in a relationship"and honestly at this point I was expecting for him to say something about how you have to take advantage of being able to get laid left and right so on and so forth, but he said this."hey man if thats what you want to do thats awesome, dont let anyone ever make you do what you dont want to do, if thats what you want to do ill help you along the way"

He actually listens to your goals and helps you achieve them,

This is a testimonial to it self, I went there, never been able to number close EVER, like a real # leaving that town with at least 10 # closes and couple kiss closes, and the feeling that the odd are stacked in my favor when it comes to talking to women.
Thanks man


Hello Gentlemen..

I had the pleasure of spending 4 nights with Speer. What Can I say. Been in the game for a couple of years and met alot of the Top gurus out there. First of All Speers theory is groundbreaking and Fresh. The guys who say he is just running Mystery Method have no Idea what they are talking about.

When we went In field it was just crazy. The first night Speer did 5 Demos, All the sets he did were chosen by me and were all super hot chicks and some of them had super hard logistics and were mixed sets, Neitherless the result was the same everytime, speer went in and after 1-2 minutes came out with a number and the chicks saying "make sure you call us".

Speer befriended Promotors of Clubs with ease and as a results we skipped the line in all of the top clubs every single night, we even dragged chicks out of the line and brought them with us. Its all part of Speers RPP Life style model that he shares exclusively on bootcamps, I have to tell you, its the single most powerfull theory I have ever come across in the community- its the same type of game top promotors use. Minimal effort for maximum results.

Just that piece of theory was worth every penny.

Speers game is about getting the chicks YOU want, not just taking the chicks that like you.

If you are thinking about taking a bootcamp, stop thinking, Just sign up immediately. You will NOT regret it. Speer has crazy game and is a awesome instructor with feedback that helps immediately, And with the prices he is running right now there is no reason why you shouldnt get this area of your life handled once and for all.

In my opinion the speermethod is superior to all the other methods out there including:

Mystery Method.
Cloroform Method
And so on.

As soon as you meet the guy you will realize what I am talking about.

Ps. From now on I will be posting all my FR's on this site, so check out my log for some crazy stuff.


"Dude, you could have had sex with her in the bathroom right now." -Speer

This pretty much sums up my experience. Through a very carefully planned curriculum of unique pickup concepts, Speer managed to not only convey the ideas and thoughts behind pickup, but deliever it in a way that was both memorable and practical.

I have to say I'm extremely satisfied with the results of the bootcamp. 3 days ago, I was not the same person I am today. I feel I can take on anything. And I in fact, did. Going to a bar 2 nights in a row after the bootcamp I number closed and even f-closed a girl. I feel much closer to being the person I always envisioned myself being. I recommend this bootcamp to anyone that is brand new, to experienced. They will not regret it


I have just had a life changing weekend with Speer. First thing I really like about it is that there were only 2 other students besides me, so 3 in total. That gives us a lot of attention from Speer. Speer's concept and theory is unique because he really want us to stay congruent and comfortable with ourselves, and not like a robot that delivers only routines. I went into this bootcamp with zero experience. I'm such a newbie that there's no way I would have pull any number just by myself. But I did, and I pulled multiple numbers. To fully utilize what Speer had taught me, it would require a lot of practice and courage. I can't imagine, when I'm able to use all these, how powerful it can be.

Together with me, there are some other students that are more experienced than me gone even further to kiss close a girl. It all happened right in front of me. I definitely recommend Speer to anyone want to get into this. I can't say Speer is better than other PUAs because he is the only one I've taken so far, but he is definitely good at what he's doing~!


holy shit speer is without a doubt the best out there. i have done an rsd bootcamp in the past for 2x more money and it was ok wasnt really satisfied. both bootcamps claim to be a life changing experience...the difference between rsd and speer is speer wasnt exagerating he completely transformed my abilities and outlook on what is possible. the man was living proof when he collected at least 4 numbers the first night when he wasnt even trying he was just sitting down talking to us -girls flock this guy and he hooks them like nothing i have ever i have seen infield footage of all the "greats" speer is in a catagory of his own..his theories are solid, his game other worldly..i promise if you take his bootcamp you will be blown away...worth every penny, no it was worth so much more! i dont feel like i paid for a skill, i feel like i was given a priceless gift.

first night highlights..where should i begin while sitting down an hb9 asked speer for a cigerette within 2 seconds he had her sitting down then her hot friend entered the set the first girl was giving speer shit left and right he looks at us and goes.."now this is a shit test" he plowed got both numbers and the hb9 was texting to hangout with him later that night...later on we bounced 8 very cute girls to another venue i made out w/ the hottest one along the way..she had drank too much and they left..all wasnt lost because speer had exchanged #s w a couple of the girls and they texted him the next night for us to come to a club where they had a table and a bottle..speer in all of his smoothness got us past the crowd of 30+ people waiting in line..

we bounced the girls to a new venue/oh yeah when i came back from the bathroom some guy was hitting on my target, speer stepped up hugged her from behind then boxed him out, he tried to move to the side speer blocked him again and he walked away w his tail between his legs(thanks buddy!)..i danced w my target for a while moved upstairs to isolate and makeout i started to pull her across the street to my place-she stopped and said she couldnt do it..i said ok walked back up to the door guy he said we had to go around the back..instead i said lets go this way and led her to my place this time i occupied her mind w conversation and the rest is history. day 3 day game we went to a pool party a cute girl opened me -immediately isolated her then i opened a 10 got her # then first girl came back up to me at the bar and she started making out w me...

i could go on and on about how glad i am that i did this bootcamp..ill just end with this -other bootcamps are 2,3, or even 4x more $ than speer's -which is unfucking believable....speer had constructive critism that made me better each and every set..if i could spend a couple weeks with this guy i would be a master...he offers the best value at the lowest price i know of, he genuinly cares about his students, hes one of the coolest guys you'll ever meet and he will inspire you to be great.

Thank you Speer!


This is great information. I went to Vegas not really sure what to expect. I had been talking to Speer through email about a lot of inner game aspects (Speer keeps contact with all his students). The idea came to me that Vegas would be awesome to go to and sarge in and learn some more along the way. I had already gone through a boot camp. Yet there is so information it is worth taking again. I went there and stayed at the Sahara. Just for your info you pay for what you get. Pay a little more because it is easier to pull girls if the hotel is awesome.

First day at the boot camp I meet big win and Adonis. Two great guys they both are so full of life and energy that they are worth sarging with anytime. Speer went into the information and it makes so much more sense now. Yet the part I was most curious and took a lot of notes on was the identity part. It is hard to master. It takes some people years and takes some people all there life.

We went out to XS at the encore that night. I think it is the coolest club I have ever been to. Dance floor off the chain and bars everywhere... and the girls are just amazing. First set I went into with Adonis and hooked two girls from New Zealand. I ended up parading them both around the club while we walked to one of the bars. Pretty much pulling them away from their group of friends (4 more hbs). After that I moved on to a bunch of other sets tell I went into a set I thought was a three set. One of my major sticking points (other than nervousness and Kino) is mixed sets. I went in to this one full energy about how awesome the club is. Turns out that it is an hb Asians birth day. And none of the 12 set wanted anything to do with me. They all turned their backs on me. I started to plow through and just almost started to walk into the middle of them. They all pointed to one girl and said it is her birth day. In perfect harmony they chanted "shot shot shot". Not wanting to give in to pressure I told her I would give her a shot if she gave me a hug and told me I was sexy. Of course she complied I just look with good. As we waited for a shot I went into LEI and number closed with a possible entire group pull for later to pepper mill.

On to other sets. I had a few more girls I isolated that night and ended up sitting at private tables with girls dancing around me. That was a great night. Learned how to plow a lot that night.

The next day Adonis showed the snl ideas. Great stuff. Well worth learning. We went out to Christian Audigier's club in TI. The first set I opened actually ended up being two, two sets. I ended up merging the two sets and holding their attention before during and after the pirate show that was going on not only 10 feet in front of us. When the show shifted I would end up grabbing attention pump buying temp and watch the show. I number closed them all and tried to pull them to xs since that club was dead.

The second night at xs was insane. Everyone was there. It was the craziest place I ever been. Not to mention all the girls had their shields up high as can be. I and win got blown out so many times. But I was able to hook one set and sit at a private table by talking about maybe going to NYC. Things were going great had the set going and was working on the obstacles tell a friend from the dance floor came and totally cock blocked me. She decided to get 3 GQ model guys that had deep Australian accents to amog me. I started using cool man tech until they grabbed my glasses off my face. That when the girls left.

I never had that much experience with amogs. I guess in the end while talking to big win later on we decided that this was the greatest learning night there was.

Yet I had one more lesson for the night. As win and I were walking to the elevator at the Sahara a girl approached us in a very friendly fashion. She asked for me and win to meet them down stairs for a drink. I ended up going down stairs to check it out. Was having a great conversation tell I realized she was running game on me so started watching what she was doing. Plus when I asked her what she did she said she was in to networking without the net. Made me laugh. She ended up using the beginning steps of Kino on me. A light bulb went off "that's how it is done". I figured I learned all I could from her for the night so I went to bed. Yes I went alone. I don't pay for it.

Third night was a wrap up night and chill out. All in all this BC was great and I learned so much more. People back at home can't believe how much more confidence I have and how I seem so much happier. Of course I would recommend Speer for a boot camp. See you all in NYC hopefully.

Why so serious,

Master Mind 007

I just want to rave for a second about Speer's methods. I was already decent at pickup before I trained with Speer. I would pick up one or two girls a month pretty consistently. Now, I'm sexual with three or four, with three or four more who I've had before who text me playfully from time to time, letting me feel that they would be available to me whenever I want. Frankly, I am turning girls away now who are calling me for sex, because I just can't fit them all in to my schedule and I don't need them all.

I am meeting a girl tonight for the fetish party, and she is bringing a friend who I have not met before, and all three of us are going to share a hotel room tonight. My girl has talked me up to her friend, and I have already told her that I am looking forward to sucking her girlfriends tits while she sucks my dick. I guess a threesome is in store for me tonight.

LEI really works......

Oh, by the way, age doesn't matter, guys. I'm 46, and my girls are 21-31.....


Just got back for weekend boot camp in NYC with speer. it was enlightening. i had previously read tons of material from other websites before trying his method, with some success. within the first hour of "classroom time" i quickly realized how powerful the effects were going to be.

i was left extra pumped on starting my new life with the teachings and models that were given to me from Speer. if your thinking of taking this bootcamp, stop what your doing and enroll now. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

I cant wait to post more fr's in here with more and more improvement with each one.

thank you Speer.


Last friday and saturday I did a one on one with Speer. I spoke with some of the guys who have met Speer and everyone spoke very highly of him so my expectations were set fairly high. After spending two days training with Speer all I can say is WOW!!! Speer rocks.

On Friday we discussed the theory durring the day and went out to Up or on the Rocks in Hartford at night. In summary, I got 6#s, all of the girls were above average 8+ with two being very attractive. There was no more then 5 minutes at any time when I was not in set, with Speer coming in to give me pointers while I was in set and after I was done. Everytime I pushed for the number I got it, the with exception for one girl who told me she had a kid, I think I pulled the trigger to soon on her, and one girl being married, she showed me the ring on her finger.

One set that stood out was, a girl that I fumbled weeks/months earlier,gorgeous, I saw her walk into the venue and was hoping that Speer did not, because I did not want to approach her. Needless to say Speer saw her and as soon as he did, he told me we were not leaving until I got her number, I told Speer that I fumbled it months ago and did not want to make a fool out of myself again, he still said we are not leaving, I did not want to approach this girl and this was one time when the no more then 5 minutes not in set rule was broken. I told Speer I am not doing it, he said we are not leaving until you get her number or until she tells you to fuck off. This girl was the hottest girl there. Now at this time this girl was with three guys and two girls, surrounded with no way in. Speer asked Ace to take care of the guys while I get the girl. Before going in, I did not see that working out very well but Speer was not budging so Ace and I went in. At this time the girl had a ring of guys/girls around her. Ace and I got as close to her as we could, I called her name and motioned her to come to me after talking for a couple of minutes I asked her for her phone number, it was really loud so I could not hear her so I kept on showing her the number that I punched in and she kept on telling me that I had it wrong, this went back and forth 4 or 5 times, finally she snatched my phone from my hand and tryed to punch it in, but had trouble (I have a phone with too many buttons on it) so I snatched it back and after 3 or 4 more tries got it right. On top of this we were standing on the patio where it was really cold and she was not wearing much she still refused to give up and made sure that I got her number down right. I am talking to this girl as well as another Russian girl that I number closed on friday right now to get together for a Day 2.

On Saturday, Speer and I covered more of the theory and tactics for day game and went to the mall. At the mall Speer set a rule, of no more then 5 minutes between sets. I ended up meeting another Russian girl on saturday although I fumbled I learned alot about day game.

Speer was awesome!!! For all the guys who have taken other bootcamps and did not see the results, Speer is the man. I took a bootcamp with Mystery Method before and did not get much out of it either so I was a bit sceptcal as to how much Speer would be able to help.

Speer made a believer out of me. Knowing how much I learned, I would gladly have paid many times more. Speer is the BEST!!!


A couple of weekends ago I got together with Speer for a 1 on 1. I never really heard anything about Speer except for quickly browsing his web site, however with his quick response of an e-mail I sent him, I decided he would be reliable for a 1 on 1.

Speer arrived up in Dallas and I 1st met up with him over in Uptown. He dressed like a rockstar and showed great confidence just with walking. As soon as I saw him I felt inferior. He had a welcoming smile as we shook hands. As soon as we started walking and talking towards my car I was quick to ask him as much I could about his job and what he did and what our bootcamp would be like...

As we were in my car traveling back to my apartment he started telling me about a lot of stories and the training that he has done and some of the different movie sets he has been on and the girls he's dated. His stories were fascinating and he told them so well. Almost the entire time I was listening to them I was either laughing or hardly paying attention to the road because I was so into his stories. He was very easy to talk to (and listen to) and it seemed like he was just an old friend in town. He made me seem equal to him right from the start even though he is a straight out baller.

We got back to my apartment after a 20 minute drive and we started going over gaming and the model he uses. We studied gaming for about 5 or 6 hours until it started getting late. Afterward, he went back to his place and I stayed at mine and I got ready to go out that night. I briefly reviewed all the stuff we just went over. I ended up traveling over to Uptown to meet up with him and once again he was dressed like a rockstar with all the confidence in the world displayed on his face and in the way he walked and stood.

Speer and I ended up crossing the street away from the bars to work on body language so he could fill me in on the importance of it and how to use body language correctly. It took me incredibly long to learn how to correctly do it. For some reason I couldn't get it down. I was getting rattled and even before I did any approaches I got AA! Wtf!? This isn't like me, but when you're in a scenario about to game girls with an incredible PUA, you get nervous thinking you're going to mess up. This is where I really got to appreciate Speer and really value him as a teacher and as a friend... Even though I was screwing up over and over and not getting it right he was still there saying, "Hey, its fine. Loosen up. Stop being so tense. You got this. C'mon man". He stood there and took my AA and still worked with me even though it must have been incredibly frustrating for him. He finally said, "Alright, we need to break this. Let's go".

We walked a quarter of a block and a 3 set was walking our way. "Open them", he said with a calm voice. I opened them with a canned opener he gave me. The set hooked immediately, and even though my body language was terrible, the girls were into this opener. I didn't even really know what to say after the girls replied to the opener I just kind of talked and they did the same and one chick, a HB6, started DLVing herself and actually started dancing right in front of me asking me if I wanted to see her do the robot...

Anyways, the set left after a couple of minutes and went on their way to wherever they were originally going. Speer looked at me with a smile and said, "You should have number closed. They were into you". I had terrible body language and completely ignored what Speer was saying to me over and over about how to correctly use body language and he still sat there with a smile. Shortly after he asked, "Was that so bad? You feel a little better now?" And I did. I normally never get that bad of AA...

So we finally hit the streets, working on my sticking points - body language and opening and cutting threads. I opened a 2 set (2 HB7s) and they walked off after only talking for a couple minutes. I opened another 2 set (2 HB9s) and then I excused myself. Speer calmly kept telling me, you're doing better, but you need to number close...

The next venue we went to was a bar I was actually semi-familiar with. It's a bar I've actually been to before. When we walked in there was a bunch of commotion over in this one corner. I ended up finding out from a random girl that was kinoing me like crazy that it was a bachlorette party. I opened one blond girl, a HB8, and she turned to me quickly before I could even finish saying my canned opener and she goes, "Oh! Give me a massage!" What?! "Woah, take me out to dinner first geez. You move too quickly for me". She laughed and then her HB8 brunette friend overheard and started laughing as she turned and opened me. She looked at me with excited eyes and says, "Can I kiss you?" (No Bullsh*t). "I'm sorry?" The brunette friend then told me that all the girls had picked a card from a deck of cards and on the card had a mission they had to complete. (All the missions were pretty sexual) I ended up letting the brunette friend kiss me on the cheek and take a picture of it, and I made the blond HB8 girl qualify herself in order to get me to give her a massage. She did so and I ended up giving her a very quick and light massage. I ended up number closing her rather easily and then Speer and I left and went on in the night. My first number close of the night was simple and fun!

Speer and I took off and went bar hopping to probably 7 different bars that night. Long story short, I ended up having a dallas cowboy cheerleader grind all over me with 2 of her friends trying to DHV to me while she did that, I number closed 6 girls, and ended up learning a lot and got a lot better with my body language, and had a great night followed up by a good afternoon the following day...

The day after Speer wanted to do day game with me at the mall. When we arrived at around 3 I was once again getting butterflies but felt a little better in the mall. He told me that he wasn't going to tell me what girls to open and that I got to choose which ones to open and that there were no canned openers for today. None! That it was me doing me own thing... I ended up number closing 4 girls!

After the mall Speer and I rolled back to where he was staying and he reviewed me on my sticking points and what I needed to work on and asked if there was anything else I needed to ask him. I told him that if I did I'd give him a call. He told me to call him for sure and that he is always available. (Even though it's only been 2 weeks, every time I've texted him, he has been quick to respond... like within the minute of me having sent the text - everytime!)

This weekend was filled with knowledge, fun, AA, girls, and a great experience. Speer always made me feel equivalent to his level and never got frustrated or upset with what I was doing. He was only encouraging and helpful. He was an incredible instructor and certainly knew what he was doing and what he was talking about. The guy knows his stuff and was a blast just to hang out with.

Was the bootcamp worth it? I would definitely do it again!... and I just might.


Guys I do not know what to say. This is a fantastic experience for me. I came down to Miami not knowing what to do. I had one opener that I opened with and not even that well with. I was in bad shape. I always felt like I had so much going against me. After talking to Speer and then going through the boot camp I ended up having the best possible results. Not even in a club too. How sweet is that? We were practicing street game... well I guess more day game but at night. All I did was open with "Hi you look interesting so I thought I would talk to you." to a one set. Now I don't know about you but I never meet anyone from a small Russian country. But now I have had a full close with one. Mind you this is my first night out with Speer. How awesome is that to full close a girl the first night. Needless to say I was jacked. After the next day I was so ready to go out but still feeling a lot of approach anxiety. I couldn't help it I had so much happen the first night. Speer talked to me and made me realize that that can happen all the time. I just need to go out and have fun and not focus on the end results. Thanks Speer. After a little pep talk he waste no time and has me go and open a set of perfect 10's after the talk with Speer I felt like I could handle anything. To find out I actually could was amazing. Since I was now in set and number closing a playmate I never could have dreamed to talk to this girl. I certainly never thought before this boot camp I could number closed her. How fantastic is that. A full close the first night a Playmate number closes the second. To top it all off since my wardrobe was a little off I took an extra option for a consultation for fashion. Now I know how what to wear and not wear. I really do not think this boot camp could have gotten any better. I learned so much on how to game, how to live, and most of all how to be me and get the results I want. So one last time; thanks Speer, You are the man.


I recently went through an one on one bootcamp with Speers and I must say that it was a life changing experience. It was an intense day of knowledge, but the key was the in the field experience. Approach anxiety was my main weakness. But then again, I guess most guys get nervous when approaching girls.

Anyway, Speer had me approach some girls that were of lower quality in the beginning. I guess it was to build up my confidence, but even though these girls were unattractive, I was still nervous as hell. But as I approached more girls, I became more comfortable. No longer was I approaching uglies, just hot girls for me.

Anyway, my results were quite impressive. I ended the night with 9 numbers! This is from a guy who rarely ever cold approached, and probably only recieved a few numbers from random strangers in his life. I will note that I am extremely picky. So as soon as I got home I erased 5 of the numbers because they weren't at least an HB8. Then I had two numbers of 18 year old strippers that dance at Deja Vu las vegas, but I don't really date strippers, so they won't work. I left them on my phone though because you never know. That left me with two possibilities, which I chose the cuter one.

I will be going out with her this Friday. I must admit, there is something strange about her though. While she was hesitant to give me her number, she has been all over me since. I have received numerous compliments from her and I haven't really even complimented her once. And something strange has happened lately...she has started making sexual references and sending sexual text messages (We probably have only talked on phone for about 10 min total). Which leads to me think, what does she do for a living, what does she want from me and why do I get weird text messages from her?? Also, I should mention that she pretty much set me up for date with her. Upon talking to her on phone, she told me out of the blue what days she would be free? This has never happened, the roles are reversed and she is pursuing me.

The DL

Firstly, the instructors were very professional. This is definitely NOT one of those bootcamps where the instructors show up late, go through the motions, and then get drunk and/or spend the whole night gaming girls for themselves instead of helping students.

The instructors showed up on time for both the seminar and in-field portions. They did not touch any alcohol in the field, and throughout the in-field portion the instructors were focused on helping students get into sets and push their sets further instead of gaming girls for themselves. Yes the instructors demonstrated some sets to show how it's done, but after that they made sure to push the students into sets so they could give feedback. There was also a female approach coach to help give social proof if necessary. The cool thing is the female approach coach could also stand right beside the set and listen to the conversation and give feedback.

Speer and Havok know their stuff. I had taken Mystery's bootcamp before so a lot of the things taught in the seminar were not new to me. Even so, I was surprised at how much I got out of the seminar portion. Hearing the same concepts explained from Speer's perspective added a new dimension to my understanding of the material. I picked up many subtleties that I had previously missed. There is also a focus on identity, and Speer helped each student find an identity and construct DHV stories to convey their identity.

Before getting into the field, during the seminar portion we did some simulated approaches so the instructors could spot and eliminate glaring mistakes. Then in the field, we were pushed to do lots of sets and the instructors would give brief pointers on things to correct. At the end of the night or the next day we would debrief on the in-field portion. At the end of the bootcamp we all had a better understanding of what to do and how to do it, not just in terms of knowledge but in-field application too, and had overcome some sticking points and improved noticeably.

I highly recommend the bootcamp.


After hooking up with Speer this weekend in LA I got to see why he is considered one of the top PUAs in the world even from Mystery himself and must say he is at the top of his game. He was excellent at promoting the mindset of your game when it comes to pickup, because it becomes more than just memorizing lines (those eventually get thrown out) and your new identity becomes a way of life. It was interesting to see how women were attracted to Speer so instantly it became a major confidence boost to see what was possible. The thing that I like to point out is that Speer has soo much tight game it appears as though he is not gaming--he is doing it the natural way. I remembered opening sets and having them not hook after A2 and Speer came back and told me neg, IOD, DHV---I tried another set and it hooked like magic. At the end of the night, Speer's feedback provided important details to improve my inner game and get through my sticky points when talking with women.


Being relatively new to pickup yet having read a decent amount of material for the past couple of months I wasn't sure what to expect at the bootcamp. It opened my eyes. Before bootcamp - I was using a mish mash of systems - David D, MM, RSD etc. After seeing Speer in field - opening sets, hooking, negging, kiss closing on a consistent basis I was impressed. We even went to an import car show and he number closed a couple import models - showing that he was just as good in day game as in night. Amazing. He looks so natural when he does it and when I asked him "What the hell did you do?". He answers: "I just follow the system". I know what system I'm going to follow now and being taught it from someone who truly KNOWS what they are talking about makes a world of a difference than reading it from a book. I think my game will improve drastically from bootcamp since now I have a solid system to follow in order to get past my sticking points.


The boot camp was an eye opener for me. Speer is a great teacher who takes the time to work equally with all students and coaches in a friendly and positive manor making learning the method easy. Speer worked the venues with ease, collecting half a dozen numbers in one night, at the end of the night he actually had girls open him with the line "I've seen you around tonight". I'm glad I took the camp!


If I may add my 2 cents I met Speer when I was living at project Miami. He was and is loved by the house because he was just a natural who always had girls around all the time, one after the other after the other. It was interesting to observe him because he would get astounding results and never appear to me to be gaming. He would have strippers, f-buddies, friends, girls he sarged that night and the night before, it was pretty incredible to watch. The guy is a natural one of the best I've seen and he is a cool guy to boot. He took community material and soaked it up at a stupidly fast rate. He has not got one good review from his students only straight solid EXCELLENCE the whole way. You get taught by Speer and have an open mind you get laid for the rest of your life. That f-ing simple.


One of the best on the planet out of literally hundreds of pickup artists I've met.


A master of the pick up arts does not in any way have to be a master of instruction, but Speer pops that shit like he was born to do it. From the moment I entered his hotel room I could tell the next five hours were going to be amazing. His initial seminar on theory and a basic model for PU was eye opening, but his advanced theories excited me to no end. Damage control, Nano Calibration, a psychological model for which part of her you attract (I dunno if I'm allowed to talk about it so I won't).

Then we went Sarging. Honestly, no one has ever made it feel as easy as him. Speer showed me how a pro does it, and gave me really good constructive criticism. His creativity with such is hilarious as well, I was in a store with a 1 set when Speer walks by on the opposite side of the shelf on his phone going "Yeah, yeah you need to number close, yep. Mmhm."

Speer is competent, easy going, and rational throughout his whole seminar, you won't feel dwarfed by his status as a master pick up artist (though his skill is amazing) but rather comforted by his assurance that you can do it too. Unlike the flashy demonstrations of other instructors, Speer sticks to the basic needs of the student and caters his teachings to propel him forward. I only wish I was even more experienced so I could have learned his more advanced shit. 5 out of 5, I recommend this boot camp to anyone seeking an education in seduction.


Third, Speer helped my inner game tremendously. I still have approach anxiety, it never goes away, but it doesn't affect me anymore. I told Speer why I was doing pick up and how throughout my entire life I always cared what people thought about me. In his words (using NLP I think) he said "who gives a shit what people think of you. Besides, how is what a particular person's opinion of you going to effect your life and what happens to you, good or bad?"

I'm looking forward to mastering this art form. Thanks Speer
I highly recommend a boot camp, preferably a one on one.

Happy Sarging!

Pimp Widu Limp

Speer was my coach at the Vegas boot camp 2007. Speer effortlessly demonstrated IN-FIELD opening and hooking sets, merging sets, dance floor game, hooking moving sets, isolation, kino escalation, number closing, and kiss closing at the clubs. Speer evaluated me on well over 20 sets in one night getting me past all my sticking points. Speer could easily be the most under rated PUA out right now...he is the real deal.

The community is constantly evolving and improving upon theories and techniques. There is only one thing that matters about a routine, does it work or not. Speer demonstrates in-field that his routines and approach to game works. Since the boot camp with Speer, my skills have taken off exponentially. Speer will show you just how easy it is.


What Speer says works, WORKS.

Its not just that his game just apply's to the girls. He's gone from new to the community, to gaining respect and admiration around project Miami.. Imagine your game shooting up in a manner that you are asked you to come LIVE with the best pick up artists on the planet. You might want to think about that for a little.

It's completely up for debate how Speer does what he does.. His natural charm, mastery of the Venusian Arts and charisma I wonder how to model myself, but what is not debatable is that he gets RESULTS. If I were you, I would be running to the field to try what he says he does.


Hollywood, Florida