Venusian Arts Vegas Bootcamp Part II — End Game (Post 31)
May 28, 2012
Threesomes and sloppy seconds — End Game (Post 33)
June 1, 2012
Back in Miami, I couldn’t help thinking what a sneaky little bastard J-Dog was. And I know it had to have been Matador and Lovedrop who expedited the casting and saw to it that I never had an opportunity to meet with the producers in person.

By the way, to this day Venusian Arts denies that I was ever an instructor for them. Especially Matador, who called me a “top-notch instructor” on the VA forum. We’ll get into that later. (Check out my Facebook or Twitter to see a screenshot of that endorsement Matador wrote for me).

Neil Strauss dropped by Project Miami a few days later to see what the guys had made of the place. He looked exactly the same in person as he did in all of the pictures I saw of him, and I thought he looked exactly like his cartoon caricatures featured in The Game. He came with his assistant, who was pretty hot. I think he already had a strong impression of me after hearing a lot of in field stories and about the girls I was pulling. As a matter of fact, at the time I was still seeing Liz (see posts 23 to 25), a porn star I met on MySpace.

I thought Neil was very down to earth, although he was acting a little skittish for some reason. I don’t know if he was analyzing me to make me into a character or what. I know he was working on Rules of the Game at the time and it seemed like he was talking to Mystery about what to include in the book. After he saw the house, he asked how I ended up with the biggest room. Just lucky, I guess. We all ended up grabbing lunch and he left.

After he left, we got back to business, particularly an issue regarding a mailing list. Mystery and another pickup artist named Savoy used to be business partners, running the Mystery Method company together. After they had a falling out, Savoy ended up with the company, changing its name to Lovesystems. Mystery then started Venusian Arts with Matador and Lovedrop. Somehow, those three guys had the Lovesystems mailing list, which they weren’t legally allowed to use. Maybe they hacked into Savoy’s servers and got the list that way, I don’t know.

The guys were debating as to whether we should just use it anyway. Lovedrop kept saying we should. I said that if we used it overseas we would probably get away with it. The guys liked that idea, although they ended up not doing anything with that list anyway.

Liz was sticking around because she didn’t know what she wanted to do. She was doing porn just for the fuck of it, but she told me she really wanted to write a novel. I told her she should write something about her stay at Project Miami. Mystery is pretty famous, that would interest a lot of people. I thought her writing was actually pretty good, especially her attention to detail. But Liz usually just fell back on her looks, and that was her downfall. She was intelligent and could have done anything she wanted to. Instead, she just became T&A (tits and ass).

Liz wasn’t particularly amazing in bed, and she didn’t give the greatest head. But she was super hot, and having sex with her was just a blessing. A girl like her made me think this pickup shit really works, because I kept pulling hotter and hotter girls, the ones most guys will only dream of having.

And I was going through girls like crazy. A lot of girls thought they could change me, and get me to be in a monogamous relationship. But I wasn’t willing to give up any aspect of the pickup artist lifestyle, especially the chase.

One Monday, Mystery, Liz and I went to this Russian club where we typically went on Monday night. You should always find out which is the best venue to go to every night. Different places are good different times of the week. Don’t be the average schmuck who only goes out on weekends. Game should be on all the time, it should be something you live. If you see an attractive girl on your lunch break, on the way to work, running errands, etc., then go open her. Don’t have set times and places to talk to girls. Be prepared to approach at any time and place. Live the game.

Next post on Friday: Pulling a threesome with Liz, pawning a girl off on Mystery and more.