Approaching Women
January 29, 2012
Vocabulary When Speaking to People
February 10, 2012

Red Man’s Insights From a Night Out Cold Approaching

Just some food for thought. Was my insights from a night out cold approaching back in September.

Friday afternoon- Review
Friday night- Cold Approaching
Sat – review – delivery practice
Sat night – take 2 girlfriends out to mix up group of 4 guys – with added pre-selection – open up the whole bar and club.

Key Focus of night –
1. Look like you belong there
2. Smile, smile and keep smiling
3. Be the FLAME!
4. Be the Observed NOT the Observing
5. Be Expressive
6. Enjoy your friends in between sets (they are more important!) and do not talk pickup in between sets.
7. Be the Social Artist – NOT a creepy Pickup Artist.
8. Ensure your Group is the BONFIRE of the room.
9. Merge the sets opened and Grow your Bonfire.
10. Only with 2 girls to 1 guy ratio Bounce group to Club.

When/if shit goes wrong – NO BIG DEAL!