Over the years the Global Pickup Conference & PUA Summit figureheads Speer has been involved in a number of Television, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines that have been interested in the subject of self-help, pickup, dating, relationship, and have wanted them to either demonstrate how it works, meet them or expand upon the subject in greater detail.

We are extremely friendly and very inviting into the underground dating, pickup and
relationship subculture. In our reality of living in Project Hollywood, teaching the dating and pickup game we continuously have great human interest stories and tips for the general public. Remember that we have and are still helping men across the world in their exploration into sex, love and living socially.

If you would like to report on us, our events or sub-culture please contact us.

Here are some of our personal favorites:

Mr. Smooth! Wannabe Pickup Artists Go to Boot Camp MSNBC – February 14, 2011 

Washington Post – February 13, 2011


TBD All Over Washington – February 3, 2011

The Smoking Jacket – October 8, 2010


Believe It or Not, These Men Say They Can Talk Any Woman Into Bed!
Cosmopolitan Magazine – December 2009

Pickup Crazy Morning News

Pickup Crazy Morning News
WB Morning Show – April 17, 2009