End Game (Post 76) – “The Big Question”
October 17, 2012
KOP’s Top 10 PUA’s
October 22, 2012

Pinky’s Selfish Trip to SF continued (4 of 100+)

Pinky had left all the students behind and was hunting down anything a voucher would not pick up. He kept hitting on old, ugly hookers left in the the dark empty streets of San Fransisco. I have never ever seen a man get shot down, or blown out as PUA’s call it, so much in my life. He reaches out into his baby gap pants and throws away an empty bottle of whiskey into a trash can trying to hide it from me. The trash can was empty as you can hear a big glass thump all the way at the bottom.

We ended up at a diner in the corner by the hotel at 4 a.m. He amazingly asked me if I wanted something to eat. When I asked him what about the other guys, he said that they had cash if they wanted to eat. I was beginning to realize that what the guys said about Pinky was true before I moved in into Project Hollywood. All Pinky fed them was cup of noodles and everyone slept on the floor.

Pinky ordered himself a feast as I only ordered a small bowl of soup. He drank his milkshake and barely touched his food. I boxed it up for the guys which was good because they were starving when I got to the room. In the room I opened up the mini fridge and noticed that there was a bottle missing from the mini bar. As always, I made a smart remark and Pinky started laughing. “Oh Bouncer, you are a good detective.” It wasn’t a choice, years of criminal justice training, noticing something misplaced or gone just came second nature to me. Pinky turns on the television and orders lesbian porn. “You are not going to jack off in front of us are you?!,” I told him. He said, “no. I and not going to watch it, I am going to sleep listening to it. It is just for the trance.”

The next morning, or should I say 4 hours later, we were woken up by the pink rooster. He liked to start his bootcamps at 10 a.m. We were up by meaningless 8 a.m. so I asked him if he can buy everyone breakfast. He gave me $10 and sent me out to buy breakfast for 4 people. I have never in my life ate more Jack n the Box than this trip to SF. I was beginning to feel like that guy from Super Size Me.

His seminar was always the same sh*t over and over. He repeated the same speech AT LEAST 4 time in that day. Anyone could have taught his bootcamp in 2 hrs. The funny thing was that he always said that he didn’t teach routines but then he would tell the students tell her this and then tell her that. In the mall, some students came up to me and told me that the same girl had heard the same line 3 times already!

The thing I hated about Pinky is that he would always hold a “5” minute meeting with us that would always be an hour long. Hush once said, “This is what Pinky says, ‘I have three important things to tell you guys.’ Bullshit BS and more BS and then the last thing is the key element.” He continued, “Then Pinky says, ‘Number 2, BS BS BS’ and the last part is the point.” Hush never spoke much but he was damn right. Right before we were meeting with the students down stairs at midnight, after Pinky yelled at some students, after he drank x bottles of liquor again, Pinky asked us to get together for a 5 minute meeting. Dro had a date that was waiting downstairs and Hush and I were not having with listening to his drunk ass rumbling again. Dro ended up yelling a Pinky because this 5 minute meeting was over 30 minutes long already and he always deviated from his point. He asked us what he did wrong and I let him have it. I told him that he looked like a fool yelling at his students and made an ass of himself drunk trying to teach.

Pinky started crying. I am pretty sure he was using NLP (Reverse psychology) for we could feel sorry for him. I wan not about to fall into his games or feel sorry for him. He was in full blown tears when he…