What a differance a day makes.
October 8, 2012
Losing My Cool
October 14, 2012

Pinky’s Selfish Trip to SF Continued (3 of 100+)

Pinky comes back to the hotel smelling like a cheap hooker. The time was 7pm, we had to be in San Francisco at 7:30pm but the only problem was that SF was 4hrs away. Pinky said, “It’s ok guys. I am a rockstar. People wait for people like me.” Dro was the one that set up these talks. By us showing up late, made all of us and the company look really bad. We made sure to call his other two partners. He was in deep sh*t.

One hour away from SF. Everyone in the car was completely silent. I couldn’t hold it in no longer. I wanted to turn the car around and tell that selfish prick off in his face. To top things off, we were sick of listening to his dumb ass cd playing over and over like a broken record. I lowered the radio and told him that his actions were not ok. I told him straight out that he will die alone if he keeps being an inconsiderate prick. The guys in the back seat agreed with me all the way and they let him have it! His response was that we were brothers and that we should tell on each other. He basically asked us not to call his business partners. “Well, don’t be inconsiderate and maybe we wont,” I replied.

We get to SF and he speed walks like if it is going to make a difference. It is past 11pm and everyone in the boardroom was impatiently waiting, well, those who stood as many left. Pinky sits on the floor with his pink little energy drink with a tiny pink straw…I dont know who lied to you but That is not ALPHA dude!… The students are tired and sleepy as this pink little fur ball tries to wake them up by making them stand up and jump around. Buying temperature. That’s his only sales tactics. At the end of the day, nobody buys sh*t and 2 guys want a refund for the bootcamp because he was 4hrs late to the talk. I can’t blame them!

The next day, he was trying to kiss our ass. He gave us spending money for food just in case we got separated. I think he was planing this one out because he did disappear again after the bootcamp. He got wasted drunk and high with a hooker out side of our hotel but this was only the first night in SF…