When Keeping It Real Goes Bad…..
September 22, 2012
Coming Home From Afghanistan in 2010
October 3, 2012

Pinky’s Selfish Trip to S.F. continued… (Post 2 of 100+)

We were tired of Pinky’s sh*t but this was only the beginning of his selfish trip to S.F. …

Pinky finally came back to the hotel and paid for the room. We were all starving. Pinky took one bed and Dro took the other bed. Hush slept in a chair and I took the floor. I don’t even remember the last time I slept on the floor like that. I must have been five or six years old. Pinky sent me out for food so I took Pinky’s car and credit card and went to McD’s. It was past 2am already. Pinky wanted “something vegetarian” and vanilla ice cream. I couldn’t find “anything vegetarian” because he didn’t want a salad. When we get back to the room, Pinky ate a chicken sandwich and Hush’s cheese burger.

In the morning, we went to the mall to “Pick up.” Pinky kept smoking like a chimney and blowing that sh*t in my face. He thought playing Sean Paul’s “Got to luv ya” in front of the mall parking lot, rolling with 4 dudes, was “gangster.” In the mall, he kept picking up on old hags, his favorite, with kids around them. This old pervert did not have shame. He had us filming him with our phones promising us $20 dollars for filmed kisses. It was always the same shit. A little role playing (Buying Temperature) and compliance testing, but if you asked him if his game was based on BT and compliance, he would deny it.

We headed to Sacramento, the capitol of California for another talk. We were late as always thanks to Pinky. We went sarging with the lair guys after the talk. Pinky found these two older ladies across the street where good looking girls were. He then again left us there in the street and took off with the old hags. And when I say old, I don’t mean in their 50’s! The youngest one was 72 years old! I remember Hush mumbling a comment, “If they are that old, do you think they have wrinkly pussys as well?” Hush always said the darn-est things but they were funny because it was true. Luckily that night we had made Pinky pay for the hotel before we went out so our room was locked in. It was 2a.m. when he “bounced” the girls to the room. Disgusting! Then he left with them for an after party. It was passed 3a.m. and no sign of Pinky so I took his bed.

In the morning, Pinky was no where to be found. It was 4pm and still no sign of Pinky. We ended up getting room service to eat. We had to be in S.F. at 7pm and he wouldn’t answer his phone. Who does that? What responsible man does that? We were about to call the police because it was getting late and his phone was off…