Passover sarging with Lovedrop Part I — End Game (Post 20)
May 4, 2012
Speer’s Youtube Videos [Broken down]
May 7, 2012
Sunny answered the phone.“Hey baby, what’s up?” I said.

“Speer! What’s up babe?”

“You won’t believe where I am.”

“Where is that?”

“I am right by you, at the Hard Rock.”

“No way!”

“Way! Get your ass out here.”

“I don’t know if I can. I made plans with my friends to play pool.”

“Cancel them and come out here, I want to see you.”

“Shit, does this mean I have to get dressed up?”

“Nah, just put something sexy on and come out here”

“I don’t know, I really did make plans. Tell you what, are you going to be there a while? What I can do is go play pool and then go out there.”

I thought for a moment.

“Okay, here is what we’re going to do,” I said. “I am going to come out to where you play pool, we are just about done with this place anyway.”

She agreed, and gave me the address.

“Cool, call me when you get there,” I said.

“Ok baby.”

Once I hung up the phone I realized I don’t know who this girl is. Since I moved into Project Miami, this has become a common problem. Lovedrop told me it’s a good thing because it means I’m going through a lot of girls. They all start to merge together in my head. But it feels weird to call a girl, have her come out, but I can’t recognize her when I see her. That’s why you should attach good notes to the number when you put it in your phone. I always include a girl’s name, location where we met and what she’s into.

After about a half hour of walking around the Hard Rock with a few number closes under my belt, Sunny calls me.

“I am at the pool hall are you still going to come out?” she asked

“Of course baby.”

As we headed to the pool hall, Lovedrop asked me if there was anything at all I remembered about her. The truth is there wasn’t, and I I was a little nervous. What if this girl was from my early days of sarging, when I was running game on ugly girls for practice? It would be kind of embarrassing, especially since Lovedrop was there, but I decided to go anyway. This is where a good thing comes into practice. If you approach hot women, only hot women will be in your phone.

We walked into the pool hall and I looked around to see if there is a familiar face. A fat girl smiled at me. “Oh no!” I was thinking to myself. “What have I done?” Then from behind the big girl, a hand waved at me. A 9.2 with goldish-blonde hair and bright blue eyes, a perfect hourglass figure and a tattoo rounding her belly button. She was hot, and all she had on were sweatpants and a halter top with no bra. I went up to her and introduced Lovedrop. She was playing with this pool shark, a young kid that was dating one of her friends. She explained to me that she was trying to learn by watching him shoot. I thought that was kinda of cool, and let her know. She said she couldn’t really hang out with me at that moment, since she didn’t have the chance to watch him play everyday. But in a half hour, when the place closed, she was down to spend some time together. I told her that it was cool, and then Lovedrop and I began a game of pool. The pool table we played on kind of sucked compared to the one we have at Project Miami, but you know the things we do for women.

After Lovedrop and I finished a few games, the owner of the place started kicking everyone out. I told Sunny she should come back to my place, where I can introduce her to our world. She agreed and we all left together. Lovedrop was continuously throwing DHV (Demonstration of Higher Value) spikes out, which was helping me because his spikes were actually targeting the entire group at Project Miami.

Once we pulled up to the mansion, her eyes were practically popping out of their sockets. She definitely realized we were no joke and assumed that we are all incredibly successful multi-millionaires. That much was true, but it was funny to see it sink into her mind for the first time. This is what happens when you have a nice place and everything is put together right. Basically the same thing we have going on at project hollywood. the location makes it easier. this doesn’t mean you need a multimillion dollar house, but it doesnt hurt.

We walked around the house and I could feel just how in awe she was with the place. She kept asking me how I became so successful, and what my secret was as I was showing her around. The tour concluded in my room. We sat on the plush white carpet and laid on the pillows talking about business, what she wants to do in life, and all that jazz. After I felt like there was enough comfort between us, I went for my kiss close. I asked her if she liked biting or kissing better. She didn’t know. So I reached up and brushed the hair off her shoulder so it will not be in the way of her neck. I leaned in and said, “This is a bite.” Then I bit her ever so softly, with a little tongue to cover the bite. She giggled. Then I said, “This is a kiss.” I leaned in again and kissed her very tenderly on the neck, swooshing my tongue and exhaling hot air on her soft neck. She shivered a bit and I lifted my head and went for the kiss.

We started making out, and continued for a while before I started to undress her. As her clothing came off, she became more and more aggressive. She began biting, licking and sucking every inch of me. Perhaps this is the girl I had been looking for. After a full night of passionate and lustful sex, I had to bring her home. It was around 8 a.m. and I was tired, but I promised that I would bring her home when she wanted.

If you take a girl in your car and bring her somewhere always promise to take her whenever she wants to leave. Even if it’s the middle of the night and nothing happens, be congruent, it will happen dont rush it, don’t seem needy.
So after I thought she might be the one I wanted to keep around, this issue of her not having a car was a deal breaker for me.

It’s really funny how picky I’ve become and how much I do not tolerate shit. After all, there’s no need. There are thousands of women, and they are all waiting to be taken. Don’t waste a breath on one that inconveniences you, or is too much work. Go by my credo: “If she is more work than getting a new one, GET A NEW ONE!”

As a matter of fact in the next post I’ll share double scales theory with you guys to figure out if a girl is worth keeping around.