Party at Project Miami — End Game (Post 12)
April 15, 2012
AMOG Control @ The W 4.15.12
April 18, 2012

I got into a few conversations, and eventually ended up talking and playing pool with Lovedrop.

“Which one is your target?” he asked me at one point.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Which girl are you going after?”

“Cassandra looks really cute.”

“No,” Lovedrop said. “Mystery is going after her.”

I looked over and noticed that Mystery was talking to her.

Throughout the night, the guys from the house kept coming up to me and asking which girl was mine, referring to the girls Brady and I brought.

“None of them are mine, you guys can help yourselves,” I kept answering them. “I only brought them because Lovedrop said don’t come without girls, so here’s some girls.”

The night went on, and everyone was just chilling and smoking some weed. They had this box with a myriad of different drugs for girls who were over, Lovedrop explained to me. Whenever girls were over, they wanted everything on hand, just in case.

Then Lovedrop showed me the rest of the house, starting with Mystery’s room. He and Mystery had rooms next to each other with a bathroom in between, and a door leading to the bathroom in each of their rooms. Mystery had a spiral staircase that led up to a closet, with a small bridge that overlooked the living room. Then he took me downstairs and knocked on a door. Mehow opened the door. He was working on his computer with his girlfriend at the time, Melissa. He looked like a real nerd. After a brief hello, Mehow plugged himself back into his laptop and we left.

Next, Lovedrop showed me the rooms of Moxie and Johnny Allred, though neither was there that night. Johnny was into different fetishes, and his room reflected that. The walls were painted blood red with burgundy drapes. His bed sheets were black. But the most conspicuous feature of the room was definitely his sex horse, which was basically a big rocking horse sex toy.

Outside was a pool, a stainless steel grill on a stone foundation and a few stairs leading up to where a jacuzzi would go, although they didn’t have one. There was also white drapery Iining the house’s outside. All in all, I was very impressed with the place.

The night unfolded, and Matador ended up fucking the fat ugly girl I saw him with earlier. Mystery and Cassandra didn’t hook up, but they disappeared into his room for awhile.

A little later, I spent some time with Mystery in his room. He was sitting and eating ice cream while showing me some of his videos from Project Hollywood, and a pilot for a show that he shot with Savoy, a pickup artist and one of his ex-business partners. Mystery had all these videos stored on a series of hard-drives that he connected and named “The Brain,” and played them for me on a projector.

I turned to face him from the chair next to his bed I was sitting in.

“I want to be a part of this,” I said. “I really like what you’re doing and I want to get involved.”

Mystery turned his head toward me and casually smiled.

“Then we’ll get you involved,” he said.

When I rejoined the party I was talking to J.J. He’s one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. At first I thought he was gay because he was so flamboyantly dressed, but he was actually very alpha. He did fashion shows back then and I used to be a model, so we hit it off pretty quickly. I showed him my acting website with my portfolio and pictures of me with different celebrities.

Brady spent the night trying to game one of the girls he brought. Eventually he left with her, since I wanted to stay behind and network with these guys some more. Mystery gamed Cassandra, and they disappeared into his room.

When the party winded down J.J., Matador and I were sitting on the couch as the sun was rising. I got to know Matador a little better. He came from a wealthy family, but the lifestyle he had in Project Miami was not casual for him. I could tell he was more than pleased with his big house and nice car, he let those things define him.

“You like what I’ve built here?” he asked me arrogantly. “You see how I live?”

He acted like a little boy let out of the house for the first time. I was pretty sure it was the first time he must have experienced success in his life.

The three of us are sitting and talking, and somehow we end up arguing over approaching ugly girls. Matador was in favor of doing so, I was opposed.

“Why approach ugly girls?” I asked him. “If you want attractive women in your life, approach attractive women.”
J.J. ended up taking my side and Matador flipped out. The party was over, but it was just the beginning of a tumultuous night between me and Matador.