A quick guide to body language — End Game (Post 36)
June 11, 2012
Is she ready to be kissed?
June 15, 2012
A lot of guys who are new to the community want to know what they should say, particularly what they should open with. More than anything else, my system is about getting you to be yourself, meaning no routines or canned material. But if you really struggle with opening and carrying a conversation, routines can serve as crutches until you become more comfortable in set.

Here are a few openers of mine that I developed during my Project Miami days that can help you along.

The No Refund Opener:

Go directly into a set of women no matter how small or how big.

Say: Hi, listen we’re going to get right through the unpleasantry’s. My girl always says I should meet interesting people. You guys are interesting right?

Let them talk

Thank God! Finally some interesting people. Well maybe this one is (pointing at an obstacle), but I don’t know about the rest of you. (EDGE KINO) – the obstacle nearest you put your arm around and slowly slip it off. This will create the vibe that you are a touchy feely kind of guy.

Then just keep plowing.

Possible ways to tease/neg:
-Don’t be little shits
-Point at your target and tell her you haven’t heard one interesting thing from her yet.

All Systems Go Opener:

This opener came to me while I was writing “Open Like a Master,” which is currently out of print and in the process of being re-published. Since then I have field tested it and perfected it. Try it and tell me your thoughts.

This opener is a false disqualifier, indicator of interest, neutralizer/neg, photo routine, ballsy and cocky funny, all warped into one brilliant opener.

Item Needed:

Digital Camera (for maximum results, your phone’s camera will also suffice)


First go up to the your target with camera in hand.

Say: “Excuse me” <—-(AFC Opener)

Stick your head next to hers and take a picture of the two of you.

She will be a little freaked or wondering what the hell. Pay no attention to her and look at the picture on the camera so she can see it as well. Most likely she will want to see it anyway, trust me she will either want to see it or delete it. DO NOT GIVE HER THE CAMERA!!!!

Say: “You know I just wanted to tell the children I am going to have. That me and you were a couple back when but then I had to dump you because you and I are exactly alike and it would never work out. You wouldn’t take my shit and I wouldn’t take yours. We are too much alike.”

Wait for response.

Here are the two most common responses:

1. Target will show an indicator of interest, then you nanocalibrate and continue.

2. Target will show an indicator of disinterest. This only means you offended her due of your “uncouth” behavior. You must show an indicator of interest to make up the shortcoming.

Say: “Well the truth is, you are kind of cute, maybe I won’t dump you as fast.”

Or say: “Well we do make a cute couple” (giving the impression you will still dump her eventually)

The Cell Phone Opener:

This is one of the best openers when a girl is on the phone or texting someone.


1. Walk up to the girl and say “You don’t have to call me, I’m right over here.” Or: “You don’t have to text me, I’m right over here.”

2. If she smiles or laughs at the comment, you have enough buying temperature.

3. Close her phone and throw another opener.

The main thing about this opener is not to show any approach anxiety. Also, you want to stay congruent as an AMOG.

Hope this helps, but don’t forget Mehrabian’s Rule, which I teach in my bootcamps and tell you how you can apply it to pickup. It states that only 7 percent of what you communicate are the words you say. Body language (55 percent) and voice tonality (38 percent) are much more important.

Finally, here’s my Cigarette Opener, which hooks 100 percent of the time:

“Is it alright if a girl smokes cigarettes if she just found out she’s pregnant?”

It works so well because it gets a girl to think emotionally right from the start. And remember from a few posts ago, emotional thinking will always overrule logical thinking.

Speer =—->