January 5, 2012
Speer’s Edge: Sexual Tension Test
January 5, 2012

NYE Party

After the Global Pickup Conference here at Project Hollywood we had a party to celebrate. I worked the bar so my set ratio was naturally going to be low for regular game. I had to tweak my game if I wanted any results. I found out that working behind a bar and keeping the energy up is a lot harder through out the night. I have to give props to the guys hat do this every night.

The good part is that everyone is going to see you and associate your vibe to you through the night. This is good since all you are doing is giving value to everyone getting them in a party vibe if, done right.
Through out the night I would help all the lair guys by giving them an introduction from behind the bar to the girls for them, Just pumping them up. What I would say about the guys would never be generic since so many people would be able to hear me, so I aways made it something personal that happened through out the time I had gotten to know them. This is so much more potent too when it comes form a real place.

Enough about that though. Through the night I had so many girls that I could experiment with and see what reactions I could start to get from them as fast as possible.

There were a group of girls who were hanging around the bar that I hear mention that the coolest guy here is the bartender. Naturally the second I had a moment to breathe from all the people wanting drinks, I started talking to them. I decide to go with cocky and see if i could get them to hang around for a while. I don’t remember the exact words. But opened more with body language have them move to a spot I could talk to them for a second. With that compliance they I remember going cocky direct, The girls stuck around for a few minutes as I got drinks for other people. Finally after hanging around the bar for long periods of time they left. I saw the girls through the night just at the bar and they would leave very fast. Looks like I need to keep going back and making comments while getting drinks… Any one else agree?

Then theres this Sexy Asian standing by the bar alone, I call her over ask if she needs a drink and go right into comfort. I assume attraction with her since she is standing there for so long, when the same thing happens again where I get distracted with getting people drinks, and she end up getting pulled away by another guy. Now I had to work but I was hoping I could see her again, Did not… Maybe she got pulled that night, I dont know but I gotta work on amogging so I can keep the girl even while I get people drinks… Maybe later.

Two cute brunettes come to the bar, and I decide I want one of them. But it’s a busy bar, they walk away… More to come then.

Hot blond comes to the bar. At this point I decide I am not able to run my regular game and I have to go extreme and see what happens. She is asking for a drink and wants it strong, I say “only if you give me kiss on the cheek.” She acts like she can’t lean over the bar. I stop serving drinks call her over to a spot so she can kiss me on the cheek. When she comes over I go Straight for a make a kiss on the lips. She complies and 30 second make out. I go back after and make her a strong drink continue bartending and she disappears. Limiting belief: That I can’t get a result when bartending is shattered. I do this three more times with girls I find attractive, So far three make outs all together. Any idea’s on how to progress this from any bartenders out there?

Two cute brunettes come back to the bar, I say your cut off.


Because your to awesome I don’t want to get you drunk. (only thing to come to mind in that moment.)
Her: I am not awesome.

Me: Your not awesome?

Her: Yes, I am but… Can I get a picture with you?

me: Yes.

I stop bartending even though there is a crowd and bring her and her friend behind the bar, luckily Bouncer happens to be there with his camera. He plays it perfectly and we go from kiss on the cheek to full make out with the girls, two more girls on the board. They thank me after bouncer gets his pictures too, Gotta repay the favor to him. They bounce from the area with drinks.

Back to the bartending and having fun vibe. The Party is slowing down now that it’s 2 am and the girls are still at the house with some guys and the interaction is not going anywhere. At this point I decide that I am going to pull, so I grab my tip jar, put my hand out and say hey let me give you a tour of the house. The girls comply instantly and I am walking down about to go into the house, when I see ace and I let him know which girl is my target target. I find out later that he brought them to the party so he calls target too but I didnt know… miss communication n that end… Need to figure out who has the set. I can see this being an interesting problem in the future. The third guy that had been talking to them throughout the night, Building them up I let him go for the girl as I decide there are plenty of girls. I see ace isolating so I get the number of the other girl and leave her for the other guy since he is out of town. Any ideas on who’s set this is?

A few minutes later a she is ready to leave and the third guy tells me that she is all mine now, Not sure what happened, but I walk over and start over with this girl, building up the attraction to me and getting her laughing. (If you can relate to the state the girl is in then you can change her emotions and get her to have fun. Very handy at times like these.)

As I am doing this a guy comes over and opens her, and starts tying to amog me, now due to her emotional state of mind and her looking for her friend (thats with ace), this set isnt going anywhere. When you know how the matrix of social interaction works you can relax. I see the Bouncer coming over to help, and he moves the the guy for me so, I can go right back into damage control and move her inside. We run into ace who’s with the friend, and they are both about to go, so we go back into the tour. Long story short the interaction hits a climax outside by the pool. We all decide to get in the hot tub and skinny dip, then we realize the hot tube hasn’t warmed up and is freezing cold… Logistics will kill you if they’re not prepared, next time need to set that up before hand.

We go down starts with just a towel on and start watching a movie in our room, now even though the hot tub is cold, you gotta do something to keep the warm till it’s ready. At this point I will let your imaginations go as to what happened down stairs, and will leave it at this we never made it to the hot tub, there was a nude handstand involved and they left at 6 am. All in all It was a good night, hope yours was about the same.