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December 19, 2011
December 21, 2011

Night out

Went out last night with the guys and speer. Got stuck for a minnute in my head due to slow bar and a bad habit of trying to impress people. It was a lot of blow outs set after set. Finally I got opened a girl with gettting her to smile and she came over to me and red man. It seemed so natural and easy Red actually thought i had hooked her before and was just reopening. I ened up number closeing her in 2 minnutes as she is walking out the door with her friend pulling her and her typing in my phone. I love moments like that. It is the best feeling. Takes the sting off the bad night. Either way I got my goal of one number that night and that means even though it is dead and things are going bad having a small goal makes the night into a success. Great learning experiance.