My first foursome Part I — End Game (Post 42)
July 19, 2012
The Contract Part I — End Game (Post 44)
July 24, 2012
A few days later, Jen called and said her bi friends were back in town after vacationing in the bahamas. She said that we should go back to their house. I said let’s do it. So we drove to this little house in Northern Miami.

It was dark, there were no streetlights, and we were driving around in circles after I got lost a few times. I remember thinking on the way over, ‘What am I getting myself into?’ I wondered if I could handle it or not. But the only way to ever accomplish these things is to move forward, not backward. I finally found their house. It was a small, two-bedroom house with a long empty front yard, just grass and walkway up to the door, a tiny little porch with a little railing leading up to a single door.

One girl was a brunette in her late 30s with dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, not really any wrinkles or anything, good athletic body, you could tell she worked out, fake breasts, nice ass, good thighs, probably 5’4’’.

The other one was a 25 year old with dirty blonde hair, brown eyes with little hazel, almost a honey hue, dimples, good athletic body (they probably worked out together) b-cups, kind of flat assed.

We stood in the kitchen, which was pretty bare, with a little island and a couple barstools, counter and fridge all made of stainless steel. There was a microwave on the counter but that was about it. Next to the kitchen were glass doors to go to the backyard, then there was another doorway leading into a room with a beige couch facing an entertainment center. We stood chatting in the kitchen while they had a few cocktails, while I was in the kitchen having a Coke – Coca-Cola, not cocaine if you were wondering.

After 15 minutes the conversation changed.

“Look, we know what we’re here for,” the older girl said.

Jen looked at me and I looked at her. It was the first time it was so direct for me. This arrangement wasn’t about relationships, it was just sex. It was the first glimpse I had of this community of people who are in it for the sex and that’s it. They discard the normal social rules.

Jen led me into the bedroom, which had a dresser against the right hand side, mirror above it, pastel colors, picture of horses with a pastel-ish background with greens and pinks and the door to the master bathroom. The bathroom had a jacuzzi in it with two sinks and a round tub. Makeup scattered all over the countertop.

The other two girls followed us in the bedroom and they all started undressing. The younger girl pulled out a box of 24 condoms.

“Are we really going to need that many?” I asked.

They just laughed.

I had a few threesomes before and in only one of the instances did I change condoms between girls. But these girls were more experienced in this regard, and they knew what they were doing.

The older girl started taking charge. She started sucking my cock as she gave the other girls directions.

I changed condoms between each girl, they were very wary of disease.

I was so nervous I couldn’t come for about four-and-a-half hours. Each girl was worn out by that time. Sometimes you get so nervous or so excited you end up coming early or not at all. Jen had actually taken a break in the middle of things and left me with the two girls. Throughout the whole thing, I did my best to take mental images since I wouldn’t have any pictures.

This foursome pretty much felt like I was in a porno, especially since I was taking directions the whole time. It also felt more like work than fun because I needed to please three girls before pleasing myself.

Pleasing three women at once takes a lot of work for those of you who think this would be easy. But I made sure they all got their turns, and we used every position imaginable. All in all, it wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be.

As we were driving back to Project Miami around 5:30 a.m., I had to pull over and I almost threw up. I opened the door and started dry heaving. I was overheated and feeling the effects of exhaustion. It could’ve been the meds I was on, or the four and a half hours of exercise I just did.

Cumming after four and a half hours was really fucking intense.

I’ve had a bunch of other threesomes since then, but I take control now. I make sure everyone is happy at the end. Like Mystery told me, always leave women better than you found them.

Despite the drama between me and VA, I’m still very grateful to Mystery for inspiring me to do all this. I wouldn’t be where I am today without his influence.