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July 13, 2012
My first foursome Part II — End Game (Post 43)
July 20, 2012
After I got back from San Diego, my mind was racing in so many different directions. I couldn’t think clearly because it seemed weird to me that they wanted to keep me out of the picture and they wanted to get me out of the house when it was Frank Kearn’s birthday. And it was weird that they asked me to go home so soon. I just went back to Miami, and for the first time started thinking about what I would do if it didn’t work out with VA.

I figured I still had my computer stores, which Brady was running for the most part. I never thought of pickup as a business anyway, it was more fun and a chance to mingle with a character from a book that altered the course of my life. It pretty much mixed right in with my film and entertainment jobs that I had done for the past five years.

Jen kept calling me throughout the trip, but I didn’t usually answer because I was with other girls, or busy. I decided she would be the first call I would make. I was alone in Project Miami, which was way bigger and way nicer than Project Hollywood, but the guys didn’t know what to do with it. They weren’t very smart in how to use it. They were all about chasing girls, they had almost no ability to build a meaningful relationship or any kind of lasting social circle.

Dustin and our cook/maid Carrie — who was tall, lanky with some tattoos, kind of hippy-ish, with short brown hair, dimples, cute, with a nice personality, decent body, kind of thick — were the only other people in the house when I got back. It was nice being home. I actually found out that Dustin and our maid had been sleeping together. That kind of thing is bad for business. Emotions get mixed in and it becomes crazy.

Speaking of getting fucked, I was still thinking about the Vh1 show and how J-Dog kind of fucked me out of that opportunity. That didn’t make sense to me either. Why did VA want someone outside their team to have that position? All I knew was those guys had serious loyalty issues, and they should with all the people they screwed themselves.

This is exactly what you have to look for in business and relationships. People who are scared of being betrayed have usually betrayed others. People who cheat are paranoid about their boyfriends or girlfriends cheating on them. When people aren’t trustworthy, they don’t think anyone else is either.

So I called Jen. She wanted to see me right away, and why not? I offered mansion parties, access to high end clubs and just about everything else a person would want in a lifestyle. The kind of lifestyle I have been living for years. I didn’t know how to apply a theory to it, I was just living it. The way things were, I didn’t have to work if I didn’t want to, I lived in a mansion that puts Project Hollywood to shame, encountered top dating and pickup gurus, and I still kept up with my acting and producing careers, and my computer stores were pumping money into my parents’ bank account since they were still broke.

I’ve always believed that life is to be lived, not to be worked. The idea of freedom to me is not working 9 to 5, worrying about the bills, or worrying about money at all. Today I have that lifestyle, but it took me awhile to work up to it.

I knew Jen wanted the parties, sex and lifestyle in general. In fact, in the past she had told me she had foursomes. However, she didn’t have that much appeal to me anymore, especially after the night Mystery stuck his dick in her. She might find this post on Facebook and complain about it, as many girls I’ve mentioned in this story have. The past can merge into future if you continuously call it back.

One night I took Jen and two of her friends — one with blonde hair, green eyes, cute but not really hot, dressed very classy with a formal skirt and jewelry, probably about 5’3’’ with heels on, and the other was a brunette, more attractive than the blonde, pretty skinny, about 5’5’’ also dressed formal since that’s the dress code at the club we were heading to, called Set. It was pumping, and I knew promoters there who had two tables with bottles. They loved me because I didn’t drink, I just brought girls. Jen and I were dancing and floating and kissing. She was drinking, and I was pretending to drink. I would hold a drink in my hand and gradually pour it out throughout the night.

I liked to appear like I was drinking, and appear a little drunk, for the people around me who were acting drunk — a bit of social intelligence on my part. It turns out that Dean Martin and I had that in common. In his later years, he would just drink Cranberry juice and act drunk. It was his method of blending in, being a chameleon.

I started bringing up threesomes and foursomes and other stuff she was talking about. She told me she could arrange something with girls she knew, a bi couple who were swingers.

Jen and I ended up back at my house after a night of fun, and I was just keeping the conversation basic, just talking about going out, and then I told her I might move out. She asked me where I was thinking of going. I told her California, although I didn’t want to leave my stores behind. She was telling me about her ex, who she was still seeing at the time.

Then we really got into talking about a possible foursome, going over who is going to provide the girls, would she have to approve of them, etc. It’s important to work out the logistics first. After all, this was a foursome, so it’s more complicated and a lot more work leading up to it. And that’s if you want to please the girls. If you want to please yourself it’s easy, but please the girls and they’ll want to continue the relationship and talk positively about you.

Like I always say, get the maximum results with the minimum effort.

Part 2 tomorrow
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