Day 2 Asian Cuttie
April 19, 2012
In field with Lovedrop — End Game (Post 16)
April 23, 2012
My parents didn’t really understand why I was moving into Project Miami, or was into pickup at all. My mom told me I always had a girl in my life and I didn’t need the community. I tried to convince her that there was a lot of potential upside to the business end. She still thought that I should just focus on my computer stores. But computers, and my other interests kind of coalesced together in the community. Web design was a part of the business side of the community; acting, improv and fashion also figured into the lifestyle. Unknowingly, I pretty much groomed myself to be a good pickup artist all along. I also gave my mom The Game to read so maybe she could understand a little better. She didn’t try to stop me. My whole life, my mom let me do what I want with the idea that I would learn from the consequences.

When I was 15, for instance, my mom let me drive the family car. She warned me that if I got pulled over, I wouldn’t be able to drive until I was 21, as per the law. But I did take the car out, and nothing happened. It’s not that my mom was lenient, she did beat my ass once in awhile, as opposed to my dad, who slapped me once in my life. And in her mind, she wasn’t going to try to stop me from devoting my life to the community, she was going to let me learn from any negative consequences, and catch me if I fell. They were always there for me if I fucked up to the point of no return. They would do anything to help me.

The minimum amount of money in sales I needed to make each month was $12,000, but I actually needed to make about $30,000 to ensure our extravagant standard of living. I sold their boot camps for $2,500, and one-on-ones with their instructors, including Mystery for $10,000. They didn’t have any books, DVDs or other products, besides a book that was being held because it was involved in a lawsuit against them.

Mystery and his ex-business partner, Savoy, had a falling out when they were working together, when the Mystery Method company still existed. Basically, Savoy realized that the ensured future success of the company meant taking the focus away from Mystery as time went on. Mystery’s ego became a little bruised. The two then had a contract dispute, resulting in a split that left Savoy with Mystery Method, eventually changing the name to Love Systems, and Mystery founding Venusian Arts.

My other responsibilities included writing copy, handling their email campaigns, and basically anything else business-wise that the other guys didn’t want to do. It didn’t take me very long to realize that these guys weren’t the greatest business minds. Savoy, on the other hand, was a Harvard Business grad, and these guys were trying to put together an infrastructure on the fly.

While I was getting accustomed to my working responsibilities, I started getting settled in my new room, the biggest room in the house. My mom used to work as an interior designer, in addition to all the art galleries she owned, so some of her knowledge rubbed off on me.

I took the white shag carpet from the living room and brought it into my new bedroom, with a white chaise lounge. The room didn’t have a closet since it wasn’t meant to be a bedroom, so I built an open one. There was a little box with all the light switches for the room. I brought in a king sized bed and moved it next to that box. Next to the bed were windows with white blinds. I liked the idea of having a projector in the living room instead of a television set, so that’s what I decided to have in my room after Mystery talked me into it. I bought a subwoofer and watched movies off my computer. The only problem was the room’s double doors were transparent glass, which wouldn’t be ideal when girls are over. So I had a photoshoot done of me in a white suit with a pink shirt and sunglasses, Miami Vice-style. I had two prints of that photo made up that were large enough to cover each door.

I turned my room into the perfect pull spot. And I put it to good use, because as soon as I moved in, I started going out every day. And boy, did I have adventures.