Pinky’s Selfish Trip to SF Continued (3 of 100+)
October 12, 2012
It was good while it lasted!!!
October 17, 2012

Once Pinky gave me the ticket I decided to take his advice even though I had taken a break from The Game. While being out of the community I seemed to have no problem getting girls just being me and not thinking about game in my head all the time. Either way I decided to take a peek on the forums again just to see what was up. I decided to start getting back into this again because now I’ve kissed this particular girl that was into me a lot. I messed around with her soo many times at this point. I called her a few times then figured she can call me now. A week went by and I heard nothing from her so I’m thinking WTF??? It was weird.

When I met Pinky I had to meet another guru since it had been a while since I was in the company of Speer. Pinky seemed like a really awesome guy who gave an excellent lair talk and gave me advice on this girl I was pursuing. That’s the thing about Pinky. He seems really awesome to everyone at first but once you live with him and get to know who he really is it would make anyone sick. I informed him I did bootcamps with both Mystery and Speer so he told me Speer was a good friend of his. I had no idea eventually the two would be business partners. Even though Pinky is really out there the guy can drop some knowledge I’ll give him that. I told myself I’m going to the summit…..

LR: Falling Head Over Heels for My Ex Girl 5/12/11 thru 6/17/11

Pinky’s advice worked and I got the girl. It was the first time in a very long time that I decided to get into a serious relationship with someone. I really liked her and only her it was crazy but I fell in love with this girl way too fast or maybe it was infatuation because I was vulnerable being back from war. Either way she did everything for me. She drove me, paid for me when she didn’t have to, and was awesome at first. She had her own really sweet house which was great. She had a high paying job working from home which was another positive factor as well.

The sex we had for weeks was amazing and I figured if things work out with her I’ll stay in Connecticut. I had plans for at least a year to move to South Florida but wanted to get my head straight again from war so regardless I wasn’t going to stop living my life in Connecticut. Bottom line is here comes my sticking point…….the girl went fucking crazy on me again……postal out of no where. This has happened to me time and again so I’m sick of it. I don’t know why I can’t spot crazy women and wonder how they always get under my radar? The night of June 17, 2011 to be exact my girlfriend went postal on me. Problems with her and I started a week earlier in Hartford where I was getting hit on by other girls. I really wasn’t sarging that night and had no intentions on hitting on any other women since I really liked my girl. I just happened to get hit on constantly and not sure what it was. Either way it definitely tapped into her insecurities and I had to calm her down. She wasn’t the same since. She got crazy jealous for no reason and I explained to her I was only with her.

The bottom line is she told me the whole time she still had feelings for another guy the entire time we were together. I mean it’s weird when she rejected him for sex and also only made out with him a few times. She never rejected me though! I actually tried to set her and this guy up how many times way back when I was going out with the Italian girl. It just amazes me how a girl can sleep with me at least twenty times and then throw this line of bullshit at me? She tried texting me on Thursday night to break up with me when I told her the right thing to do would be to actually talk things out in person regardless. I couldn’t believe how childish she was being. Needless to say I calmed her down and talked it over with her. We ended up making out several times in her car and messing around. Next night she lied to me, blew me off, and straight up disrespected me. She did this all through texting which is very immature coming from a thirty three year old woman mind you. It was complete bullshit and she swore at me along with breaking up with me through texting. It was bizarre. I got insanely depressed while out with other people. When I got home I drank almost an entire bottle of Crown Royal to my head that night and passed out. Reality hit me when I woke up. I’m surprised I didn’t end up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

I started crying uncontrollably and went in a violent rage. I felt so betrayed by her and someone who was supposed to be my friend. My mother almost called the cops on me because it was that bad. I was crying hysterically and just fed up of going from one relationship to another having the same thing happen to me over and over again. These women just go postal on me and maybe it’s one of my flaws being a bad judge of character. They flip the same as a light switch out of no where it’s crazy. I left the house with my first stop being the package store where I actually almost passed out because I was so upset. I felt as though the walls were closing in on me. The horrible feelings I felt this weekend I never wanted to go through again in my life. I mean it was bad and my line of thinking was this is the treatment a combat veteran gets from people??? I mean I went through so many emotions and after everything I have done for both of these people this is what they do to me? I already don’t trust too many people but this just made me not trust them even more. Made me think that most people are only out for themselves. At one point my sister was trying to calm me down telling me I was shaking so bad that I didn’t look right. I literally thought I was going to die. My female friend K had to give me Zanex just to calm me down.

I decided at that point it was time to dig deep and bring my alter ego Red Man back with a vengeance to finally master the game once and for all. I never wanted to ever go through tho