Losing My Cool
October 14, 2012
End Game (Post 76) – “The Big Question”
October 17, 2012

It was good while it lasted!!!

There are points in your life when you look at what your doing and begin to question it all. My first time came pretty fast on at Project Hollywood. I had a to give up a lot to come and live with

everyone. I came out a month later than the original crew. By the time I had gotten out there 2 people had already left the house.
The ones that were left were BAAA a young Asian guy, ACE a cool black guy think a young Lenny kravitz, and Hydro a tall skinny white guy from Orange County in Pinky’s crew. There were 2 new guys

coming in soon, Red Man an Army ginger, and Bouncer a Big Mexican. It was exciting to know I would be living with such a diverse group of people. I thought it was going to be just like THE GAME. We

would all go out and learn from each other. That’s the way it started out…
I noticed there was tension in the house right away as soon as I got there. People were jocking for position with the 2 guru’s in the house. In my mind we were all equal. We were there with a common

purpose, to get better with women. The Biggest problem is the same as they had in Reservoir Dogs. No one knows each other and no one wants to back down so resistance happens naturally.
BAAA was given manager responsibilities, Hydro and I were instructors from the start. Hydro got his own room and I was downstairs with all the interns in the bunks. This one fact that there were

titles went to peoples heads pretty fast. I was just happy to be there. I had lived on my own and just went out to teach when I had a camp. I had no idea how to act with all these new faces. I had

never been a frat guy. I knew how to handle them in a club but not living with them. So that’s exactly what I decided to do. I decided to become MAVEN completely. I cleaned the kitchen making it look

great, because you want to set a standard for yourself and where you live. I cleaned the bathrooms. I was just trying to fit in and find my place. Something I had always done growing up as an Army

brat moving from place to place.
It got to a point that one day Hydro came out to the kitchen as I was doing dishes and asked, “Why are you doing dishes? You’re an instructor bro so get someone else to do it.” I was in disbelief. If

I made it dirty why would I make someone else do it when it takes two seconds for me to do it myself. I never understood that I guess he was just following what Pinky had been showing him. Pinky

never did dishes and left them all around the house for the interns to pick up after him. I can’t blame Hydro because he was just modeling what he was shown after living with Pinky for 4 months.
One time after I had an amazing night with a girl, I walk out to the kitchen for a drink of water and see that Pinky had put all the dishes in the sink on the floor. Most were his from his late night

smoking sessions and craving for food. Instead of washing them he took the time to put them on the floor. Needless to say an interesting conversation with my girl pursued after that.
This is the day to day life I started with. I had come with so much excitement, So much enthusiasm, and for being there at the first party I pulled a girl up to a room no problem. I kept trying to

build off of these successes I was having. I felt like the world was given to me… until the first night we all went out with some students that were living at the house with us.

Red Man had just arrived and things were going well. The house seemed to be clicking in my mind. No real problems with the interns and everything just seemed to be passing by. There were these little

clicks consisting of Pinky’s team and Speer’s team. No real hard feelings though.
The night we go out with the students we branched off and I’m teaching. I was having fun with BAAA hanging with me getting some quick knowledge and Red Man is hanging with a girl he opened earlier.

As I’m walking around Red Man introduces his girl to me and I say hi. I’m about to leave and she goes off on knowing me from somewhere and is getting really close to me. She even followed me for a

second to keep talking to me. It’s Red’s girl so I’m not interested in her so I brushed her off. The key rule for any wing is he that opens the set owns the set.
As I sit down and watch the student in set a few minutes later I explain to BAAA, “With her asking that question as she came after me. I could of taken her from Red if I wanted to. It’s his set he

opened and I’m not going to do that. It’s respect.” He looked like he understood and we kept talking in retrospect I should of kept my mouth shut.
A guy and a girl saw that I was in a teaching mode and asked what I was doing. “I’m a pickup artist.” I replied back. I focused on my student and I wasn’t really thinking. It turns out that the guy

works for TMZ and was really interested. Only my student was moving so I had to move. As I was moving he asked BAAA,
“Are you being trained?” BAAA looked at me like a deer in head lights since he was to a point. As I stood up and was starting to walk away I said,
“No he’s not being trained and this is my good friend that knows all about what we do so talk to him about it.” Then I walked off to critique the student. To me the student comes first since after

all he’s the one that paid.
I see my student pulling the girl for the night. It’s the best feeling to know that you’re helping someone get a great result. That’s the whole point of this job. At least it is to me. He see’s me

and offers to give me a ride back to the house. I try to not impose but I realized he needed directions back to the house and didn’t want to ask for them straight out. as We are walking out I see Red

sitting with his girl. He was going to be my ride, so I walked over and told him I was leaving and I’ll see him later. Next time I will just do a text.

Seemed like a great night another happy student. How can things get any better is what I am telling myself. All of a sudden I hear speer calling me up to the hot tub. I see everyone around looking

pissed off. I thought something really bad had just happened.
Then speer said “Tell him what you just told me.” For the next half hour I got to hear BAAA explain how I devalued him in front of a producer. He felt weird talking to him after I said he wasn’t a

student. I thought it wasn’t a big deal because everyone in LA works for tv. People say a lot of things but it doesn’t mean they’re true. But it was true enough to make BAAA cry for the night. He was

so distraught about me lowering his perceived value that he went and told Red Man on the way back that I could of stole his girl. In addition I inadvertently causes a state break when I told him I

was leaving. Now I got Red Man who’s a guy I barley know pissed at me.
“What about you Hydro you got anything to say about this?” Speer asked.
“Everyone is telling me and I agree you have an ego that is getting out of check.” He said as he leaned against the rail.
DID THIS REALLY JUST HAPPEN??? A guy who not long ago was asking me why I was cleaning is telling me I have too big of an ego. I just get blind sided by almost everyone in the house. I kept my mouth

shut so I had nothing to say. When faced with superior numbers it’s best to retreat. How can I trust anyone in this house? This really is turning into THE Game fast… And here I was thinking I’m

Style… When it seems like I’m turning into Tyler. That’s when I stopped focusing on myself and when I started caring about my student more than myself. That’s the day this went from being fun and

joking around to being a job. Time to calibrate to the house…