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November 16, 2012
Escalation Challenge!
February 28, 2013

Introduction to The Journey

A sex convention was when I first meet Speer. At the time, I didn’t know much about pick up other than The Game. A former intern at Kings of Pickup introduced me to him. He looked like a well-dressed nerd. He gave me a slight smile (you know, that smile that people give when they want to be interested, but don’t really give a fuck) and shook my hand, I didn’t know that pickup artists were so cocky. It feels like if you beat the shit out of them, they will regain some sense and jump right back into the place that society put these fucking nerds in, but I am 100% wrong. They will call the cops, try to sue you, and go back to doing the only thing that keeps them alive: picking up women.

We are the guys that come from sheltered homes and bad family backgrounds. We are the guys that got tired of getting girls alone and trying to kiss them, only to get pushed away with the response of “let’s just be friends” or “you’re a really great guy but I’m not into you like that”(WELL, IF I’M SO FUCKING GREAT, WHY DIDN’T YOU FUCK ME?! ). We are the little guys that walk up to women and say “Hey excuse me I am sorry to interrupt but I think you’re really beautiful and I would love to get to know you better. May I have your number?”, only to get rejected because she has a pretend boyfriend or she feels the need to be obnoxious and laugh at us and joke about how cute it was. We do this because we are tired of feeling like shit with women. Nerds also want to get laid! So, we go about it in the only way we know how…with our brain. Instead of using our physical attributes, we use our mental attributes. We generate better results due to our intensive study of social dynamics and the statistical research on what women respond to better in certain situations.

I believe that I will soon reach a point of self-actualization as a dating coach. Until then, I want you to join this journey with me. By the end of this year, you may even know me better than I know myself. I think living in the third person is always better because you can learn from someone’s mistakes and triumphs. Last but not least, I will always leave my readers with a field report.

Monday, February 25

Gio PrettyFlacko Vanni [6:13pm] hey would you agree that some one would have trust issues due to something in the past? or do you think its more like a personality trait?

HER [6:14pm] something in the past


(If she uses a one word response, ask why to get her speaking or else conversation will stop right there.)


Gio PrettyFlacko Vanni [6:14pm] why do you agree with that?
the reason i ask because my roommate and i are speaking about this situation he is in right now with his G/F
she cheated on him with another girl
her actions and statements are contradicting each other
and he says that because of women like her is the reason why he has trust issues
has a situation like that ever happened to you?


(I ask why and I give her justification to respond. Women will not respond if they don’t have a good reason to, later in this conversation you will see what happens when you don’t give justification.)
HER [8:02pm] I’ve had a boyfriend cheat on me
And I personally have never based my trust for someone based on something someone else did to me’
I base it entirely on what him and I have together and what he has shown me
but that’s hard for a lot of people to do

Tuesday, February 26th 
Gio PrettyFlacko Vanni [12:52pm] Not everyone thinks that way though, a lot of people hold grudges! i am no exception to this. I still to this day hold a huge grudge against my ex, it’s so bad that we can’t even try and become friends. i am sure you have felt the same with someone else and it totally changes the way you act toward people now wouldn’t you agree?
HER [1:12pm] No I hold no grudges against anybody. A lot hold them against me but I meditate a lot and do a lot of deep thinking and try to not put out energies of love (:
Try to only***
Gio PrettyFlacko Vanni [1:38pm] I totally understand you! i burn incense and meditate so i can reach a point of self-actualization with my work and etc. Did you know that meditation and sex are like the same to the brain? That’s why we can go longer without sexual activity! What type of meditation do you do?
your crazy ass must do mantra meditation! lol

(Here, I made a huge mistake by giving her options, but not highlighting which one I really would like her to respond to. I also tried to escalate sexually in this message, but gave her a clear path to avoid it.)

 [1:59pm] I do different types just based on w.e I’m feeling

Gio PrettyFlacko Vanni [2:18pm] You must be the perfect pet owner! Your dog can do anything he/she wants! you must feed him/her only hamburgers from mcdonalds on sundays and wednesdays! MAN! what a lucky dog! so if you treat animals so well how do you treat your little sister?!


(Here, I got tired of speaking about meditation and moved to a psychological route, which will get her thinking and it’s random enough that she has to respond to it!)


HER [2:38pm]


Gio PrettyFlacko Vanni
 [2:41pm] you must be a perfect pet owner
so do you treat your family as amazing as you treat your pets?

HER [3:30pm] Yeah…

Gio PrettyFlacko Vanni [3:32pm] how so? are you a daddy’s girl or a mama’s girl?
HER [3:38pm] Why are you asking me so many things


(This is what happens when you forget to justify why you are doing what you’re doing, and if I hesitated or gave her a bad reason, then things could have ended up pretty badly.)
Gio PrettyFlacko Vanni [3:43pm] Because my roommate and i were just speaking about how people that have pets receive certain parenting traits from their own parents but if you are a mama’s boy/girl you take your fathers traits and if you are a daddy’s boy/girl you take your mothers traits, its a truly interesting concept if you really think about it! also we have not spoken since 2011 so im just realizing how much you have changed as a person. So your intellectualism interests me,so speaking to you is fun dont you agree?


(By the way, that was complete bullshit that I made up.)
HER [3:52pm] Yes but I have always been this intellectual.. You just never took the time to ask anything about me
I’ve been meditating since I was 14
Yeah I love talking about deeper and more complex concepts
Gio PrettyFlacko Vanni [3:54pm] well I have not been much of a spiritualist until recently that I love that about you it’s so great to have someone that I can speak to my crazy ideas and concepts about
so what do you think about the parental traits question?
HER [4:15pm] Yeah I have these conversations daily haha I base my whole life on a deeper connection to the divine consciousness that inhabits everything
I actually can’t get that deep into it right now because I’m working

Gio PrettyFlacko Vanni
 [4:18pm] so am i but we cant let this stop the flow of conversation let me get your number so i can text you

HER [4:19pm]

Lol sure 305 XXX XXXX