In field with Matador Part II — End Game (Post 18)
April 28, 2012
Stripper Game (Includes Q&A by Mystery)
May 1, 2012

In field with Matador Part III — End Game (Post 19)

Matador pulled quite a bit during my stay at Project Miami, but he had low self-esteem, still does as a matter of fact. The girls I saw him with were usually ugly, or old or both, and tonight was no different. He didn’t care. He was very insecure as well. After fucking a girl, he always had to ask us what we thought of her. He did fucked a hot girl here and there.His insecurity transcended women. If he put on a particular outfit, he’d ask us how he looks, and if you’d say shitty, he’d change. Despite the alpha male he tries to be, he doesn’t embody true alpha behavior. True alpha behavior is not giving a fuck about what other people think, not caring about what position you’re in, being true to yourself and being happy. No one can take anything away from you, it’s all based on you and what you believe about yourself. If you called Tommy Lee an asshole, for instance, he wouldn’t give a shit because in his head he’s Tommy fucking Lee. That’s the type of inner game that has always eluded Matador.

The fact of the matter is, we have an industry because of all the guys in the world who don’t think well of themselves, like Matador. They’ve been conditioned over time to feel shitty, to be rejected. Their parents always scolded them for failing a math quiz in school, for instance, so they’re afraid to fail. Over time, failure becomes embedded in you. And that fear of failure controls our society. From the moment I moved into Project Miami, I’ve felt that my job is make people realize that they can feel differently, and to change their mindsets. Because everybody needs to be vulnerable, regardless of whether you get hurt; in order to succeed, you must fail. Success is bred from failure. And if you’re still failing, your story is not over yet.

I walked back upstairs to the dance floor to find my target, only now she was dancing on the couches right by someone’s table. I guess they invited her to the table. She was dancing with a drink in one hand and a big smile on her face as she saw me walk up. I saw her girlfriends standing right next to her. I said hello to one of her friends, and she explained to me that they were ready to go, but my target wanted to stay. I told her that she is coming back to my place for an after party and that they could leave, I will take care of her. I also motioned to my target to come off the couch and told her the same thing. This time she agreed. Her friend made me promise to take care of her, and I did. I really was planning to take extra good care of her. Her friends said their goodbyes and walked off. I told my target I would be right back. She asked me not to go, but I explained to her I had to gather everyone so we can get out of here. She agreed again.

That was actually a mistake on my part. If you have a girl who’s into you, walk with her arm in arm wherever you go. If people see you with girl, especially other girls, you will flip an attraction switch by showing preselection.

I walked back down to find Matador having a three way makeout with Ghost Girl, and one of the girls from his two set. I told him we need to get moving because my target had extreme buying temperature and I wanted to get out of here. He agreed, and said he was trying to find his target’s girlfriend first. I told him I would go get the car, and he should meet me in the front.

I waved my target down to where I was standing and she came. We walked out of the club and headed toward the car. We got in and drove around to the front of the club. Matador, Arcane, Ghost Girl, and the two set Matador pulled were all standing at the entrance. They all piled into the back seat since my target was sitting up front. My Jag was definitely not supposed to support five people, but with girls on top of guys in the back, we made it work.

I drove as fast as I could back to Project Miami with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand in-between my targets legs. I was rubbing her clitoris through her clothes and she was rubbing the top of my jeans. As soon as we got to the house, we all got out of the car and went inside. I took my target and gave her the grand tour, showing her every little nook and cranny of the house. That’s something I always did when I brought a new girl over. Women are like cats in that regard, they want to know everything about their surroundings. Always make sure to show women everything when you bring them to your place for the first time. The closet, bathroom, couch, living room, dining room, everything. Also, it creates more images in her mind of being in different locations with you. Also make sure she knows where the exits are, since that will make her feel more secure.

My target and I ended up in the kitchen, where I fixed her a drink.

Meanwhile, Matador had his two set lying in the living room, with him in the middle. They were kissing his chest and making out with each other, but Ghost Girl wasn’t around. Perhaps she was in the bedroom. I took my target down to my room, laid her on my bed and began kissing her passionately. I licked down her neck and began to remove her clothing. Suddenly, she gave me some Anti-Slut Defense (ASD).

“Is this going to be a one-night thing, or do you actually like me?” she asked.

I really did like her, but being a PUA is in my blood now. I told her I wanted to be with her, and she dropped the ASD.

Anti-Slut Defense is something you will face consistently. There’s nothing wrong with it. A lot of women are looking for the right guy for a relationship, so they avoid one night stands because they don’t feel as safe and secure.

After about an hour, I came out of my room with sweat running down my chin. My policy when it comes to sex: You have to make sure she cums multiple times. Most guys in the community have the problem of just being in it to get something from girls, like getting their dicks sucked. Stop being selfish and think about girl. Make sure she has orgasm after organism. And when you first begin a sexual relationship, you need to talk to her to know what she likes and doesn’t like. Some people say you can feel it, but you should really talk to each other. Overall, just give sex 100 percent. It should feel like a workout, because it is.

I went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up. After that, I walked upstairs to grab a glass of water. To my surprise, no one was in the living room, kitchen or any other visible place in the house. I did, however, hear sounds emerging from Matador’s room as I got closer to his door. I heard the moans of several different women coming from behind the door. He had all three of the girls in his room, having himself a foursome. You’ve got to compliment the guy, regardless of what those girls looked like, he pulled it off.

I walked back downstairs with a smile on my face. It was truly a good night for all of us. When I walked back into my room, my girl was lying sideways, naked in my bed. She was a lovely sight indeed, like one of those artistic paintings of a nude girl. I slowly took off my clothes, climbed into bed and snuggled next to her falling asleep in her arms.