In field with Matador Part I — End Game (Post 17)
April 27, 2012
In field with Matador Part III — End Game (Post 19)
April 30, 2012
We walked into the place and it was packed. The music was loud, and you could barely move an inch without running into someone. Matador looked back at me and suggested we get a bottle. So I ran back outside and asked the promoter if we could get a table and bottle service. He said that they were completely sold out of tables. You know, a bottle and table usually helps the cause, but they’re rather pricey. Besides, who needs a bottle when you have game?

One advantage to having a table and bottle service is that it allows you to go out and game and come back and cool off. You can also pull girls to your table and hang with them and their friends. Having a bottle shows that you’re well connected, have money and it’s just a status symbol. While most girls are happy to leech off your bottle, having them at your table gives you plenty of time to game them and build a real connection. And as a money saving tip, most clubs don’t search you from head to toe, so you can carry water bottles with alcohol in your back pocket and you can refill your bottle when you need to.

Anyway, when I went back inside I couldn’t find Matador, Ghost Girl or Arcane. So I decided to take the time and sarge through the club on my own. I felt as though I was truly the coolest guy in the club, and sensed that most of the girls were eye fucking me as I walked by. I felt good, but I still couldn’t find my friends. I noticed one of the girls I opened was standing right behind me. Was she following me? I turned around and re-opened her.

“Are you following me?”


“It’s ok if you are, I don’t mind.”

And why would I mind? This girl was a 9.2, with her bleached-blonde hair and bright, honey eyes. Her hip to waist ratio was definitely perfect and she had the ass of my dreams. She wore a one-piece blue-ish suit that was unbuttoned just enough to show cleavage, and three-inch yellow pumps that circled up to her knees. An extreme Russian accent vibrated through my ears as she spoke. Something you might not know about me is that I am a complete ass man. If a girl has a nice ass, she is right for me. Of course, the rest of the package needs to be there too, but a girl’s ass is the main thing that I just love. Everyone in the community has different tastes in women and life, but too many guys try to hide what they really like in a woman because they’re worried about what other people are going to think.

One of my former instructors Hydro, for instance, likes fat women. There’s nothing right or wrong about that, it’s just what he likes. If you like fatties, go for them; asians, go for them. You should only be going for the girls you like because it’s all about you being happy with who you are and who’s around you. Never pretend to be something you’re not.

Anyway, I explained to my target that I was looking for my friends but I would come back and find her. So I continued sarging while searching for Matador and Arcane. I finally spotted them by the downstairs bar area. I walked down there and found Matador talking to a girl, and I’m not talking about Ghost Girl. This new girl he was with had a good body but had to be almost 50 years old. She looked kind of dirty with lazily brushed brown hair, and she also had kind of a big nose. In a split second from the time I got there he began making out with her. I looked at Ghost Girl to see if she would be pissed that he was making out with another girl, but she didn’t seem to care.

But really, it’s not that she didn’t care; it’s that Matador flew her into town and paid for the flight, picked her up in his SL500 brought her to a mansion. When someone brought a girl, we would say that guy owned the house, and wing him to help make him look better. So basically, Matador making out with another girl was something she would just have to deal with. It’s interesting how girls deal with stuff when they’re with guys who they perceive as having high value. In this case, Ghost Girl had this idea that something she’s looking for, Matador had, so she’s going to put up with him no matter what. Watching their relationship unfold helped me eventually realize that value is perceived, not real.

Regardless, I started thinking that perhaps there is a good reason he’s with Ghost Girl.

The girl I saw him making out with left after a few minutes, and Matador came up to me.

“She is down with a threesome some,” he said.

“Really?” I said.

“Yeah, she is fucking great. She is in love with me! She does anything I ask her to do with a smile.”

“That does sound like the ideal girl.”

“Ok, I need to find a good set to pull back to Project Miami.”


I walked back upstairs and found my target with some guy trying to game her. As I walked up she whispered to me: “Please help me.”

I wanted to laugh but decided not to. It’s a shame how guys do not know how to properly game girls. They don’t understand a woman’s needs, desires or wants. This really made me realize that I have an edge. This Speer can cut through and touch the mind, body and soul of any girl he chooses.

I grabbed her by the arm and walked towards the back wall. She followed, but so did the guy. He was physically fit, and way bigger than I was. I didn’t want to blow him out in an unfriendly way, because that could spell disaster. As I saw him follow I placed her back against the wall, and my back to the guy. At this point he did not know what to do, so he tried squeezing in between my target and me. She looked at me like a deer in the headlights and asked me to kiss her. I’m in; once a girl kisses me, it’s over. I have been told by many girls that my kiss makes them weak, that through my lips I touch their souls, and that I am the best kisser that they’ve had the pleasure of kissing. That’s because I really pour everything I’ve got into it. A kiss should feel special, you should give a girl everything you have. Stay tuned to for a video on kiss tactics featuring rap mogul Suge Knight.

As I began making out with her, the guy that was trying to game her suddenly vanished into the crowd. What I did really beats AMOGing the guy, doesn’t it? Once I finally pulled away for a breath of air, she grabbed me back into her lips and we began making out again. I pulled back again and told her that if she wants to come, I am going to throw an after party at my mansion. She explained that she was with some friends and couldn’t just leave them there. I said that I understood, and I also had to get back to my friends. I told her to wait for me right where we were standing, and I would be right back. I went back downstairs to the bar where Matador, and Arcane were.

As I walked back down I saw Matador making out with another girl. This one was a bit younger. She was borderline fat, had brown hair and eyes, and she was wearing clothes she should not be wearing. I really don’t get why some people choose to wear clothes that make them look worse. Is it lack of taste? Do they think they look better? Anytime a girl puts on a tight shirt and has fat pouring out, that’s unattractive.

But I was still in the early stages of my evolution as a pickup artist, so I started thinking to myself, Matador is fucking good. When I walked up, I told him that I had a target that I was planning to pull away from her friends and back to the house. He told me that’s great, because he had a two set that he wanted to bring back as well.

“A two set?” I asked.


“Where is the other one?” I asked, since I only saw the one girl he was making out with. Apparently the first girl I saw him with was her friend.

“I don’t know but this girl says she is cool with having a foursome.”

Only Matador finds these girls, I thought. I had to admit at the time that the guy is freaking good. I had told him he’s great. That was mostly because he opened my eyes to what was possible. I had never had a threesome or foursome. Granted, the girls he pulled tonight weren’t the highest quality. Matador could have had a foursome with two gorillas and a giraffe and I would have been impressed. But just the thought that I could have those kinds of sexual exploits expanded my reality. With the way I am, anything Matador could do, I could do better.

“Get her and her friend and let’s get out of here,” I said.