Moving into Project Miami Part II — End Game (Post 15)
April 20, 2012
German Girl N Close and Day 2
April 24, 2012
Matador, Mystery, Lovedrop and I were all hanging out at Project Miami around 4 a.m., just writing posts for the forum and shooting the shit. The work around here is very casual. Lovedrop and I decided to go out.“Fuck it, lets go see what we can do,” I said.

No one else wanted to come out with us. After thinking about where to go, we ended up at a hot club on Nikki Beach in Miami. We walked up to the front, but they were already closed. The club next door seemed to be open so we walked over, but the bouncer told us they were closed too. We decided to go around the back, where there was a beach area of the club. We told the bouncer there that we had some friends inside and we wanted to get them so we can leave.

“We’re only going to be 10 minutes,” Lovedrop said. “We literally just got here.”

He let us in. We walked around and opened a couple of sets. After a couple of fast number closes I ran into this girl I f-closed one night, but never called her because she wanted to get serious. Monogamy wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. Anyway, we invited her back to the house to party with us. She was with a girlfriend that was acting totally snotty and some AFC.

We started walking out of the club and ran into a six set. There were three blondes — an 8 and two 9s. They were with three black guys. Lovedrop started talking to the girls. The black guys with them told him to keep moving, and they became increasingly reactive. So I decided to run interference. After disarming one of the guys, I saw another one ball up his fist.

“Let’s get moving, they’re not worth it,” I said to Lovedrop.

He agreed and we left.

We opened a few more sets in the club’s parking lot. Then I spotted Jordan, this big time South Beach promoter. I wanted to know where he was going at 5:30 a.m. so I went up to him and began gaming him, which I knew would work well since he was gay. It’s always good to have solid hookups in Miami. He told me he was heading to Nocturnal, a club that’s open until 10 a.m. While I was talking to him, from out of nowhere, one of the blondes from the six set came running up to me.

“I don’t want them to see me, but take down my number,” she said.

“Write it down,” I told her.

“No pen.”

So I put her number in my phone and continued running game on Jordan, and then he, Lovedrop and I headed to another club with a huge line outside. They clearly weren’t letting anyone in, but Jordan got us in with a snap of his fingers. We walked up a narrow staircase into the loud nightclub, and I bought the first round of drinks for Jordan and a gay buddy of his, because it was a good idea to invest. Jordan was, after all, one of South Beach’s top promoters. Lovedrop and I proceeded to sarge the club and number closed most of the sets.

Actually, throughout most of tonight I felt like Lovedrop was my girlfriend, because all he did was bitch about how loud the club was. I still wanted to number close Jordan so I could get into all the hottest venues in Miami and do it all VIP style. Lovedrop bought another round of drinks for Jordan and his friend. It was the best $40.00 he spent. I still had trouble getting his number though. I tried getting it a few times without success, but I remained cool and unreactive. One of the keys of success in this field is to remain unreactive while you could be facing rejection. If you’re reactive, you come off as a little kid who isn’t getting his way. Finally around 8:30 a.m. I number closed him and Lovedrop and I took off.

Lovedrop said he was kind of hungry, so we went out to the beach and ate at News Café, on 8th Street and Ocean Drive. As we walked up we saw a two-set of 10s. One was sitting inside at a booth and one was outside having a smoke. Lovedrop went inside and grabbed a booth. I stayed outside to open the girl who was smoking. At that moment, there was a crazy lady in the street screaming at a police officer.

“What is that all about?” I said to her.

We ended up getting into a good long conversation about what was going on, and I just focused on building comfort. An observational opener about something going on around you is the easiest way to approach and the easiest way for both of you to relate. I was strictly running Mystery Method, which was all I really knew after reading The Game and living with these guys.

We walked inside the Café together and joined her friend, who had just finished ordering her food. I asked if I can join, she replied, “of course.” We sat down and I called Lovedrop to come join us. He casually walked over and asked if it was alright, because he didn’t want to impose. He was trying to convey a vibe of “I’m here to eat and not pick you girls up.” I started running some buying temperature material and it was completely failing. I could tell that it was obvious to them that I was gaming, so they started gaming back. I should have realized that it’s not a good idea to run buying temperature stuff after a full night of partying. These girls were tired, and have been hit on all night long. And since they’re 10s, they know the score, they know that you are gaming them. I made the mistake of asking interview questions, including “where are you from?” My target replied, “Where are you from?” She turned pretty much every question I asked into a question for me. Typical shit tests. I just needed to remain unreactive and plow through. As you’re in more and more sets you begin to see what works and what doesn’t, and how to adapt your strategy accordingly. So far, these girls weren’t biting. And I made another mistake by showing interest in my target with my body language when I turned toward her, when she hadn’t given me any indicators of interest. I knew I was starting to lose them so I had to figure something out quickly. Even though this was all happening during a span of a few minutes, it felt like a lifetime. I was thinking about what to do and what not to do instead of just being in the moment.

My target’s friend went out to the car and never came back. My target stayed, and we went outside and had another cigarette. Lovedrop advised me as I walked out to just stick to A2, or a comfort building mode of the M3 model of Mystery Method. I stayed away from all qualifying and buying temperature shit. So we were just chit-chatting. That’s when things started getting better. She only planned on smoking one cigarette, but ended up staying and smoking the entire pack with me. The main reason for this turnaround is because I dropped the pickup routines and became more real to her. I just became myself, and we started talked about things that interested her. I started realizing that you just have to believe that the person you are is good enough for the girl, without any scripted material. After all, if a girl doesn’t like you for who you are, a relationship wouldn’t work out in the end anyway. It was a valuable lesson to learn that night, and that lesson stuck with me.

I started kino escalating my target, then kissed her and number closed. Then I tried to push it a little too far. After our first kiss, I went in for another, and then another. I kind of reverted back to pickup mode, and she knew it.

“I caught you,” she said, after breaking a kiss.

Damn, these 10s are calibrated.

Using Lovedrop’s advice really helped me through that set to a certain point. We were actually really good wings when we were out together, although I wasn’t too impressed with his game. I don’t know if Lovedrop had problems with his self image, or feelings of non-deservingness, but he had real problems escalating with women. He always took things very slow. In fact, Lovedrop only got laid once during my time in Project Miami that I’m aware of, and he had to use bait out of the little party favor box at the house to pull it off. And he’s supposed to be one of Mystery’s top instructors. Just another lesson that perception and reality aren’t always the same.