The author of The Black Book of Dating & Pickup has gathered the knights and reopened Project Miami. Speer has become the new King of Hearts with lightning speed bringing you all the dating, attraction, and seduction dynamics secrets he’s picked up over his years of global experience.Here you’ll be able to plug in directly to the incredible power of pure pick up tactics and the guru full proof love system which can massively increase your success with women. It’s no mystery that their lifestyle model is fully transferable and imprint-able to make you live like a real pick up artist no matter your shortcomings.

To top it off we offer a variety of services from phone coaching, personal training, live infield bootcamps, all the way to style and fashion consulting. We also offer a variety of FREE and all encompassing support structure to all members of our ever growing crew. You can join our crew by visiting our 100% FREE and confidential Project Miami Forum.

DateProgramLocationInstructor PriceRegister
November 15 Players Club Miami, FL Speer $.95Sold out
November 16-17 Massive Results Bootcamp Miami, FL Speer $1497Sold out
January 10 Players Club Salt Lake City, UT Speer $.95Sold out
January 11-12 Massive Results Bootcamp Salt Lake City, UT Speer $1497Sold out
December 6 Players Club Las Vegas, NV Speer $10Sold out
December 7-8 Massive Results Bootcamp Las Vegas, NV Speer $497Sold out
January 24 Players Club Raleigh, NC Speer $.95Sold out
January 25-26 Massive Results Bootcamp Raleigh, NC Speer $1497Sold out
February 7 Players Club Washington, DC Speer $.95Sold out
February 8-9 Massive Results Bootcamp Washington, DC Speer $1497Sold out
February 21 Players Club Denver, CO Speer $.95Sold out
February 22-23 Massive Results Bootcamp Denver, CO Speer $1497Sold out
March 7 Players Club Phoenix, AZ Speer $.95Sold out
March 8-9 Massive Results Bootcamp Phoenix, AZ Speer $1497Sold out
March 21 Players Club Dallas, TX Speer $.95Sold out
March 22-23 Massive Results Bootcamp Dallas, TX Speer $1497Sold Out
April 4 Players Club Toronto, Canada Speer $.95Sold Out
April 5-6 Massive Results Bootcamp Toronto, Canada Speer $1497Sold Out
April 11 Players Club Vancouver, Canada Speer $.95Sold Out
April 12-13 Massive Results Bootcamp Vancouver, Canada Speer $1497Sold Out
Sept.5 Players Club Seoul, Korea Speer $.95Register
Sept. 6-7 Massive Results Bootcamp Seould, Korea Speer $1497Register
Oct. 17Hot SeatTokyo, Japan Speer $599Register
Oct. 18-19 Massive Results Bootcamp Tokyo, Japan Speer $1497Register
Call 1 on 1 Worldwide Maven$2500Register
Call 1 on 1 Worldwide Speer $5000Register